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Grog Squeezer Marker 10 FMP (Mini)

Your Price: $5.95
The pocket version of the most famous Squeezer. The 10 mm Flowtex™ tip guarantees a perfect paint flow, thanks to the shorter and softer barrel that helps to use paint sparingly. Discover new advantages: the Squeezer Mini 10 FMP fits every pocket!
As with all the other 'Full Metal Paint' line products, it is available in 16 thick and brilliant colors.


Product reviews

Most def a really nice mini squeezer. recommend to everyone who carries alot of different size markers n mops at once. shipping isnt bad ether
man these things are dope! and they fit in every pocket! you can just whip it out and do a dope drip and not get noticed, i highly recomend this thing man there ill!
Doppest mop ever ! But it runs out of paint pretty quick
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