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WingCap (Adaptor Cap)

Your Price: $1.85
Finally, it's here! The WingCap lets you use your favorite caps on your local hardware paint brands, like Rustoleum, American Accent and Painters Touch.

This adaptor cap is for use on cans with a "male" valve system, with a "male" cap (like all those german caps and NY caps we are selling in the online store). For a fat cap use, we recommend the NY Fats. Combo Packs are available here.

Easy on the fingers with the Wings, reusable many times, this is a must have tool for all writers.

BONUS USE: try your WingCap WITHOUT any tips, simply by pressing down the Wings... surprise, surprise!


Product reviews

These things are the craziest inovation in the graffiti world in a long time...this thing turns rusto cans into a premium spraying can...the lines you can get are insane. easily able to piece, bomb, tag anything u can think of. I would pay 20 dollars for one of these. 2 dollars is a steal!!! pick one up with some ny will be in heaven
This shits worth it. Especially with racking since they're changing all valve systems to male. It's worth getting
This wingcap is S0 D0PE!!! love it
phizix graff
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