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Dalo broad marker

Your Price: $5.95
Extra large paint capacity. Write sharp, defined, bright marks on any surface including metal, plastic, glass, concrete, rubber and more. Ergonomically correct marker that enables you to mark at all angles, even upside down. Marker retains its shape. Able to use all its paint with no waste. Paint flow is controlled by the bulb at the end of the barrel. Drying Time: 25 to 35 minutes.


Product reviews

These are some of the sickest markers that i've ever used. the tags practically jump out at you and the colors, especially white' are incredibly noticable. as long as you use them correctly, they last a good while. these are a great tool for any skilled writer andd i highly recommend them for anyone who is tired of regular markers and wants to broaden thier tagging skills.
Philadelic Relic
I remember when i got this marker! I got it in blue its such a sick marker i can go to any surfac no problem and easily write on a surface with no problem. The paint is so thick i love it and it covers over paint which is really nice. I recommended this marker for those surfaces a regular marker cant write on!
This is by far one of the most entertaining tagging instruments I've ever used. I just got it in black but it's mad glossy. The dalo can write under any conditions rain, sleet, snow, flash flooding. Try not to inhale this stuff it's mad toxic but impossible to buff. definitely one of my new favourite toys.
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