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Pimp My Train 1

66 pages, 100% color- 66 pages of train graffiti, panels, end2ends, top2bottoms, wholecars… And a long featuring-list: Banos, Taps, Moses, Rocks, Zoow, Rusto, Moket, Rabe, Rud, Siko, Caps, Deco, Nemco, Revok, Seth, Mind, Files, Mser, Reno, Rancy, Rain, Kombo, Robin, Daze, Rok, Megs, Tucas, Chob, Kuter, Relo, Mixer, Polon, Lyra, Loser, Mode, Afyler, Rokko, Kaot, Rask, Fransy, Sand, Ausy, Becky, Taker, Secse, Ipod, Zuma, Risk, Sher, Hoze… and many more.

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