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FREE STICKERS! (+ $15 in discount coupons!!)

Get your pack of FREE Bombing Science stickers (+ only $0.99 for postage fees)!! You'll get a random pack of Bombing Science stickers and also sticks from other companies/artists. And as it wasn't enough for a free offer, we'll also include $15 in discount coupons for your next purchase on!! Do the math, this is the best free offer you'll ever get...

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Love Love Loved the freebies...Not shy with the amount and even got one already propped by Killa Ef!! Discount will come in handy too as most merch you can't get here in Australia and for delivery over the ocean was here in a week!
You're lying if you say you don't love free things haha! I've ordered this sticker pack twice already and each time it was different stickers! And you get a lot of them! My favorite stickers are the blank Bombing Science ones and the Ironlak ones. The shipping is also fast considering i'm in the US!
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