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Conversation Between vegimite on toast and Proper

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  1. I second SALVO's comment.
  2. Your new avatar doesn't say "Vegimite" like the previous one.
  3. Vegimite on toast, how are ye?
  4. I can't help it, guy. I'm loved to death here. Everyone wants to be my friend and shit. It's heart-melting. I already told you Vegi, you're number one always.
  5. like im pissed off yo
    there is only like 10 messages on my myspace
    but 173 on propers?
    ive been here for longer than this bastard!!!!!!

    on the plus side, vegimite on toast is your number one friend this time lol
  6. Gimme your MSN before I kill you.
  7. Hahaha. They change randomly.

    If they didn't you'd be my number one friend
  8. wait...i just changed? do they come up randomly?
    if so my bad
  9. omg proper
    im not coole enough for your top friends?
    i thought we was close
  10. Oooh, all of the old school and cool members are in here. I'll send you an invite, now.
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