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Conversation Between Kayone707 and Proper

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  1. 34-6, that was like the first blowout under that douchèbag Mike Nolan. Did you watch the game man? I have a link where you can watch all of the Niners game if they don't have it in your area. Alteast until the NFL closes it down since it's copyright illegal.
  2. niners vs greenbay. two nights ago.... need i go any further?
  3. Football season is almost here. You like the 49ers, right? You think we'll be over .500?
  4. Dude, Nickolodean has been playing E.T. like a motherfucker lately. It reminds me of you
  5. When you customize your profile there are subsection for everything; under the first subsection labeled "Main" find the background color it should be the last option underneath the Main subsection, brossif.
  6. how the feezie did you make the backroud black?!?
  7. Shit, Kay is a blood.
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