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Conversation Between Armored Bulletz and ribcage

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  1. idk, they never approve any of the ones I try to make...lol the last one was "Uncle Ribcage's Free Advice"....... Was just a laugh for the mods
  2. how many coins you get for creating a thread?
  3. creating a thread... but nah not really
  4. can you get the coins by doing something other then posting ?
  5. yeamp take it easy
  6. okk good looks mang
  7. every time you post you get 1 credit. every time you post something dumb and it gets deleted you lose 1 credit. Im not sure what they worth yet, but the mods will make an announcement about it soon... its nothing to worry about
  8. yo can u help me out? im just wondering how the hell do you get credits/receive credits on here....
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