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Conversation Between Anon937 and Phaze One

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  1. Aight man.
    Just drop the pic link when you do it.
    Of your up for more battlin just let me know too.
  2. aha I feel you. Ill try to do some simple shit later.
  3. I just bullshitted with new letters haha
  4. I like the cracks in the letters. I can tell you didnt go that hard, so I wont either. aha
  5. I guess Ill have to make a tiny pic and uhh piece. lol
  6. Just take the flick and upload it to tinypic.com and send it to me through this conversation.
    You want a peice or throwie?
  7. Yeah sounds good to me. Idk how to set all this shit up though and like where you would post it nd stuff, so thats all you..lol
  8. Kemo sound good?
  9. Aight man whats the word?
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