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Conversation Between ribcage and thotz.one

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  1. oh whats that? your a retard who sucks dick at drawing? you talk shit here because you cant in real life? your 16 years old? youve never done any real graffiti in your life?

    cool bro, I dont care
  2. hahahahahahahahahaha, tryin to talk shit through your computer.

    keeps it coming broheem, you look like a fool. Its too bad you cant back up all this talk your doing
  3. LMAO okay dude, keep reassuring yourself that.

    are you impressing yourself? cause your not impressing me
  4. lol e gangsta, real life wangsta
  5. lol your delusional youngster. Im not gonna ever help you.

    you can stay angry that your sketches are garbage

    you know its really easy to ignore someone? You want me to stop saying things to you, but you keep adressing me. you say one thing, and then do something else.

    kick rocks faggot
  6. lmao dude your the one that mad because I told you youre shit sucked. All it took was one time.

    im not telling you to stop posting, and I dont think im a god by any means. Im just calling it like I see it. Your not very bright. I dont think your even reading what I say. Your just spewing out a bunch of nonsesne trying to look like a victim, and then throwing in some swears to sound or look cool or something.

    but its not important, everything still goes on as normal wether youre bein angry or not
  7. than what do you need? ah it must be attention. because everything else you dont "need" or "want" or you "dont give a fuck" about.
  8. it started because you came here actin like a faggot. postin in threads you didnt belong in, which wouldnt of mattered, but then u go making a stink about it like your hot shit when your stuff was deleted. You frontin like you dont seek approval from anyone "I do it just for me", and yet, you post your stuff on this sight. IT DOESNT MAKE SENSE. LMAO

    Its gonna stop once you stop bein a dumbass, your in control over when it stops.
  9. excuse me? you mean when are you gonna stop acting like a faggot?

    Idk dude, thats up to you.
  10. no, I will not fk u in thr ass, sorry. I suggest maybe checkin out the gay and graffiti thread in general discussion. Maybe someone there will like your "gay ass"
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