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Conversation Between skinaone and ribcage

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  1. sounds good *****
  2. yo look at the toy exchange thread
    i did a simp check it out tell me what you think btw i never sent you the other peice ill pas you my tumblr link so you can take a look at it ,
    ight? peace *****
  3. saiko be haten ahahahha
    and pm me real quicks
  4. (drop kick ) biiiiiitttchhh ahahah
  5. This is sparta!!!!!!!!!
  6. mr.300 hahahahaha
  7. i feel the same way dude
  8. yeah... i kinda feel like a loser, postin a lot and shit. I do a decent amount of work through the computer, so when shits loading or I got down time I lurk this site to entertain myself instead of looking at animal porn or beheadings
  9. credit schooling? ahhaah
  10. i got bored posting so much in bombingscience there all a bunch of lil bitches ahhah thats why i really stop posting here
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