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Conversation Between MASTAH_RIBCAGE and Arose.One

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  1. you are about as deep as a bowl of soup, and your tongue is as sharp as a soup spoon

    when god was passing out insight, you thought he said, when, god, was passing out holy prophets you thought he said oily faucets, cause your soul has diarrhea, of the mouth, faucet.

    you got a license to sell hot dogs, chico man?!
  2. uuuuuuhhhhh not really lol I got one of the same ol shits i could show ya
  3. forum's been boring lately. not enough shit to be inspired by, it's all stagnant. the page count on each thread has been at a standstill all week. and the stuff that IS getting posted is some ugly seyor shit accompanied with a bunch of trash talk, i guess it's contagious (shit talk). you got any newer sketch flicks for me to peep at?
  4. Lol your telling me! I can never keep my mouth(or in this case fingers) shut
  5. lol, some things have to be said.
  6. damn arose the horns are comin out!!!!
  7. lol fasho
  8. for sure, in a few days.
  9. aye color the rest of that swank page so i can set it as my desktop picture. that shit is tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight
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