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    cũng rung lên, từ không trung ngă xuống. Trước khi chết hắn thuỷ chung
    Lâm bay qua, xác của Côn Tang lại bị Long cân kéo theo phía sau.

    Ba cỗ thi thể Kết Đan kỳ như ba cái lông đuôi của con khổng tước, giữa
    học kế toán thực hành học kế toán tổng hợp chung cư eco green city học kế toán tại bắc ninh kế toán cho giám đốc

    không trung bị Long cân thẳng tắp kéo đi. Mà Vương Lâm chính là đầu của

    con khỏng tước này.

    - Người thứ ba!
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    you are about as deep as a bowl of soup, and your tongue is as sharp as a soup spoon

    when god was passing out insight, you thought he said, when, god, was passing out holy prophets you thought he said oily faucets, cause your soul has diarrhea, of the mouth, faucet.

    you got a license to sell hot dogs, chico man?!
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    also M is a awkward letter to originate style to that's why I was pretty amused with how that first M u did came out lol.
    Did u catch that I tried to give ur piece a somewhat similar rounded central shape as the first one I did?
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    Word my dude take ur time bro. I was just not certain if u caught the post lol
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    What's going on my dude?
    Not sure if you missed the Exchange I posted for u check it out
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    uuuuuuhhhhh not really lol I got one of the same ol shits i could show ya
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    Lol your telling me! I can never keep my mouth(or in this case fingers) shut
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    damn arose the horns are comin out!!!!
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    lol fasho
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