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  1. que
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    Bahahahahahaha. I can't not do it lol
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    Keep denying, bro.
    Won't change a thing.
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    That isn't something you do. It's something you don't do. and they aren't assumptions. They're facts.
    You are a grown man that lurks a Canadian graffiti forum to troll kids.
    You are unskilled in the graffiti that you do(on paper)
    Youare Arrogant and self-righteous.
    And you haven't improved at all since I've been on this forum.
    No matter how much you deny it or try and criticize how i was two yeas ago, your personal flaws are still evident.
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    trying to do what you do?
    Which is what, again?
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    "Now you'll give some reply to this coming at me about something irrelevant to your own flaws."
    You are pathetic.

    And just for the record,The "graffiti word" you speak of spans beyond this forum. I've got recognition from writers that have been killing shit since i was a toddler. I'm respected in my city. The best part is that i'm not even exaggerating.

    So, yeah. Keep drinking and trollin kids on a canadian graff forum.
    Wont make you any less of a weak paperboy wannabe.
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    I love how you keep commuting the topic over to me.
    All I asked was do you do graffiti on walls like a real writer. A year ago,i couldn't tell you that you weren't the greatest writer to ever grace the subculture. Now youre all passive nd shit.
    You fucked with me after every single post I made. Because I was a beginner. And you did the same thing to a bunch of other beginners to inflate your own ego. knowing damn well you were nothing more than a paperboy.
    You are one sad case, bro.

    Now you'll give some reply to this coming at me about something irrelevant to your own flaws.
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    So,you DO only do graff in books.
    And you speak of yourself so highly on the forum.
    Been "writing" for what,6 years, now?
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    Or do you only do graffiti in books?
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    Pictures of your painted tags?
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