my ramen!:
u will need: spring onion, pack of noodles, leftover roast pork, if possible a chicken carcass(if not a chciken flavored oxo cube), shitaki mushrooms(if not normal), soy sauce and sweetcorn, if possible cup o sake
1, slice all vegtables and pork into thinly sliced segments
2, mix veg pork and soy sauce in a bowl
lightly fry until fragrent, (abouit 40 secs on a high heat)
3,boil chicken carcass to make stock ( to do this u need a fair amount of time, if u cant be fuked jus use instant stock like oxo)
4, when the last stage is complete boil noodles in chicken stock making sure to have some left over,
lightly fry with a small amount of oil and your sake for about 1 min, simply pour the noodles with veg ino more chciken stock ( with the leftover stock you may want to spice with chilli powder)5, lastly eat with chopsticks till u cant eat no more!