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Thread: Winnipeg

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    adore oc:

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    this is the only shit that i have on my photobucket at this time...too fat
    and tooo lazy.

    thats all fer now....

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    Heres some action for you scum.

    Old eban bomb

    Props to juiced for being the only other bencher here.

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    all this banter and no flix...

    a lil somethin new from the boys......

    grand daddy zer

    uncle solid

    sorry bout the burn i always end up taking flicks at shitty times of the day


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    Some Old School Brandon shit








    Ten Recs Sed



    dunno where this was... but it's cool

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    Originally posted by CanDilosKor@May 17 2006, 10:26 AM
    all this banter and no flix...

    a lil somethin new from the boys......


    that aint no iglo thats my watch, that aint snow baby thats my chane =D

    p.s.self promotion is no good.. flick other peoples shit except yours! cheaz

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    that was painted on a wet wall in the rain with scrap cans

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    Heres some ish/

    but the real burner...

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    crappy angles....

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    i love how everyone in this city has an excuse for their pieces... well i did this drunk in the dark with 1.69/can zellers clearance paint stock tip with a truck parked beside me with people in it and fireworks going off in the background.. next up im going to get on the roof of the PSB and write 'fuck tha police'... drunk.

    onik post your own shit, cause apparently my photography skills are an insult to your artistic brilliance. peace and go fuck yourselves.

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    and word up cayr... (he's not from around here)

    i dont know whats more ghetto.. my camera or this spot.

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    That piece says KIN... as in KINO... which is onik being dyslexic.

    Let's all get high and make stickers.

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    yup i love livin near freights and garbage hill.
    some stuff i caught today yup.

    yup yup yup...
    boring saturdays

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    that SAUD ,DOSE, IRISH, ZER double panel is hot.

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    are you giving lessons concave???

    or are you taking lessons in art fag school?

    as for kino or onik or **** or whatever you want to call yourself.... everything i've posted burns you. everything i've painted burns you and everything i will ever paint will burn you....

    watch your mouth

    can aka nac aka i fucked your mom and you might be my bastard son
    dilos <-----

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    Didn&#39;t catch anything from winnipeg i dont think.
    ,but this caught my eye.

    ...Waiting for the next batch to come along
    You can find the rest of the other flick in that other thread with the freight picture and so on...

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    from reading this stuff make me think of dr dre "whats the difference"

    ...and speaking of impressing the ladies

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    ...and since hammering things up is graffiti as well apparently, i got this gem

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    so much talking

    respect to everyone holdin it down

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    ...remember when all yoru pics looked like that after trying to put them together....

    all beef aside and what not ....

    this is actually a pretty good debate, and one that i&#39;ve had many times over, whats better quantity or quality, both have their places in graffiti, and realistically very few people actually achieve both. like sure anyone can bomb, but it does take alot of dedication to get up the way it should be down, but at the same time getting up like that can result in a lack of quality and vice versa, you can paint the dopest burners, but if you don&#39;t do very many, its hard to expose yourself the way someone can with bombing.

    i doubt anytime soon peopel in winnipeg will be showing off burners in locations that would be typically be deemed for bombing ( an example would be that billboard on pembina and grant) but then again on the reciving end of bombing and peicing are differnt, bombing is just there in your face where any tom dick and larry can see it, and thats just the point of it, you want tom to say to larry did you see that shit that dick did at portage and main at 5pm rush hour.

    with peicing you get what you can almost call treasure hunters, no not everyone is gonna see it, and realistically very few people will probably see them in person, but the ones that do see it will appreciate it on a whole other level than someone could express with doing a throw up.

    but in the end run its all the same game.....

    gotta have the script to compliment your tag...
    gotta have the tag to compliment the throw up...
    gotta have the throw up to compliment your peice...

    some people don&#39;t even neccessairily go through the steps of progression.... but the ones who seem to stand up to the test of time usually do.... my own observation anyway. this bandwagon is only so big.

    but my point of all this was ..... Quality Vs. Quantity?
    do you want a big bag of weed? or do you want a little bag but has the same ratio of good ness to each one?

    ...yeah i sit here and do nothing, if i had something better to be doing, trust me i would be.



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