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Thread: Winnipeg

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    winnipeg... the city full of broke down dreams and cracked out fiends
    Scum Bags

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    coab lets bombbbbbb

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    for shur
    Scum Bags

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    Man.. I took a little nap and woke up just now.
    BUT, since we no longer take flicks to post...
    Internet crews are played out.


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    some one post flicks

    it's stolen but ehhh

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    Scum Bags

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    Just a little blackbook hit from Crome.
    Internet crews are played out.


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    hahaha...man you guys are entertaining.....recent catches

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    blah blah blah. winnipeg's bombing scene is a laughing stock. (hollows don't count)

    nice catches juice.

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    ....ddb freight sluts cbw wagon burnahs...

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    Originally posted by onikwon@Dec 30 2005, 10:17 AM
    Well well well.... i got my 2 cents to throw in...

    ... like someone said ya gotta be up with paint markers etc... and as for someone saying all they saw was ghost fills and shit in winnipeg... you wern't looking... it's everywhere... then where's all your bomb fills every where....?
    Well the only thing on winnipeg walls that I have was provided to me by someone in this thread... Keep in mind that I was only in this city (a new city to me aswell) for a short while.

    I had a rooftop on portage and sherbrooke, and a ground up somewhere along some tracks... but mostly I was hitting freights. Winnipeg is amazing for the freight scene... does anyone know if thunder bird is from MB? I went into a yard that almost every rail car had one of his streaks on it.

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    mew did u do this in winnipeg or montreal?

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    Originally posted by juiced bigalow@Jan 1 2006, 06:16 PM

    mew did u do this in winnipeg or montreal?

    WOW, I remember that day.. I was with manix and Cel I believe.. they hit the other side of that very car... I was standing on a loading dock platform next to the freight with my paintbrush (for the pink primer since that was all I had) and the plan was to do an extenda-3D on the left side with some other random effects... unfortunately the spot we were at (some local montreal backshop that was closed for the night) wasn't as safe as we thought.. Well anyways some kind of alarm went off and we had to run like hell across this field with holes and other shit in it. We stopped going there after that. This was back in 2003 I believe, here in montreal. About 95% of the freights I hit were done in the winter when piecing walls doesn't work all that well. I never get flicks of my trains, so if you get any... send them over.

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    well i guess i'm gonna jump on this band wagon of being an internet nerd and contribute something, nothing really new though

    and for those of you who have been posting shit on here wicked wicked keep it up!

    winter sketch

    ...i'm sure a bunch of you have seen some of these already, oh well.

    oh yeah sorry about the sizes

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    not from wpg....but brandon and it doesnt deserve its own thread...

    word to save and adore




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