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Thread: Long island

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stoked2PaintNY View Post
    claimin kings? as far as i see its just people posting there work and gettin crits on it, some positive but mostly negative lol if more people just worried about themselves and there own crew then this islands scene, or should i say "lack of a scene" wouldnt be looked at as a big joke. the more everyone focuses on there own shit, the more everyone will improve, but at this rate? shits just getting worse. anyway, ayo rase! any pics from the recent trip?
    what is you talking about my G....what the fuck is a "scene" my young grasshopper...what? you need *****s around you killin it and getting up to throw the battery in your back for you to do the same????smh....if you claiming that this "scene" (which i beleive is nonexistent) is "wack" then thats cause you yourself aint doing no work boss don biggaSMELLL MEE>!!<!<!<! theres plenty of real *****s in li just like theres plenty of FAGET TOYS jsut like any other place that has graff my son....come on with the bullshit complaining ill say it again as i been sayin for months...FUCK UP OR GET UP...pick one....

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    Name:  Photo on 2011-09-27 at 21.49.jpg
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    ment to upload this one
    been hitting the books, some ballpoint shit. skum

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    'cause we ain't playin up here in New York

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    Quote Originally Posted by etchmastahflex View Post

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    VEEDEE by VeryDeadly, on Flickr

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    VDlineup by VeryDeadly, on Flickr

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    vdcrew by VeryDeadly, on Flickr

    unfinished by VeryDeadly, on Flickr

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    swagface by VeryDeadly, on Flickr

    oldgost by VeryDeadly, on Flickr

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    newstylegost by VeryDeadly, on Flickr

    goststr8 by VeryDeadly, on Flickr

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    gostskull by VeryDeadly, on Flickr

    gostpiece by VeryDeadly, on Flickr

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    gost by VeryDeadly, on Flickr

    gostone by VeryDeadly, on Flickr

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    gostbackwards by VeryDeadly, on Flickr

    gost aevs by VeryDeadly, on Flickr

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