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Thread: Long island

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    winter wars by VeryDeadly, on Flickr

    silon gost by VeryDeadly, on Flickr

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    f_10012771m_d162376 by VeryDeadly, on Flickr

    *****'s know the 2 brothers by VeryDeadly, on Flickr

    southside by VeryDeadly, on Flickr

    gosta skore by VeryDeadly, on Flickr

    Gost Skore by VeryDeadly, on Flickr

    gost by VeryDeadly, on Flickr

    Victim Donors by VeryDeadly, on Flickr

    VD by VeryDeadly, on Flickr

    *****'s know the 2 brothers by VeryDeadly, on Flickr

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    Quote Originally Posted by stoked2paintny View Post
    claimin kings? As far as i see its just people posting there work and gettin crits on it, some positive but mostly negative lol if more people just worried about themselves and there own crew then this islands scene, or should i say "lack of a scene" wouldnt be looked at as a big joke. The more everyone focuses on there own shit, the more everyone will improve, but at this rate? Shits just getting worse. Anyway, ayo rase! Any pics from the recent trip?

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    what you guys have to come up with is some nice straight letters......you know what ima go flick some shit

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    rip gost...
    Real rough and rugged, shine like a gold nugget
    Every time i pick up the microphone i drug it

    "Come Clean" - Jeru the Damaja

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    long island
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    RIP gost...Much respect..always been diggin his pieces.


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