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Thread: Long island

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    bet my little whack straights are cleaner and have more style than anything you can put up bruh

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    llogic sucks dik lol halla we out here ykmoppppppppppp like ure mom

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    yo tease fuk damas mom she gat a cho hawk

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    the balding troll

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    yo luster if i was child molster id give u something to think about but im not randy tha hawian belly danceing dirt bag

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    namix ride in damas dirty nova u toyed out hasdin wsher

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    dmok nice pony tail hoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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    keep talking you washed up faggot

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    your whack youve been rocking the same WHACK style for a minute your crew is full of toys you can get it whenever

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    how are you like 50 years old and still rockin the same whackass sloppy style gtfo the internet and change your depends

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssssshhhhh View Post


    real graffiti 1
    kes 0

    as for who ever is putting this clown onto spots...shame on you.

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    ATTENTION TOYS: 2012 is MY year!! now sit bak and enjoy the visual decay

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    Quote Originally Posted by PREA672 View Post
    i dont give a fuck if my shit gets deleted. some of my shit gets deleted and some doesnt. point is someone saw it. its like the buff of the internet

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    illlogic , did u graduate middle school yet??????....u better save ur lunch money and get a plane ticket outta long island cause randy isnt gonna protect that sweet liittle ass when i catch it.....i dont like condoms so when i catch u im gonna lay the hammer on that tight booty you got,u should be doin girlie things like suckin cock,not writing on walls......ur wak change ur hobby...............as for dama,u fuckin over the hill doosh bag,i noticed all ur spots are wheelchair excess able im shore demok is puttin in extra work wheelin u around,u creep ...i saw you french kissin ur dog timmy on facebook i can only imagin what you do with demok and namix when they sleep over....ur straight letter better be clean cause that is the only thing i have ever seen u do,so basic u got girls like illlogic runnin around doin the same thing,i saw a throwie u did and u yourself wrote in it"my style sucks"......wsh put a pic up of a style a few pages back that you cant even comprehend....all u could write was"so what u can draw ur a dick"....im done with you.DEMOK u fuckin anorexic earth worm ...i saw a video of you and that dust patient b easy painting at that wall in the woods ,cant wait till i see you at stop and shop payin in foods stamps...im gonna grab u by your mullet and put the fear of the lord in you,you perfected a horrible style and ur riding off STE s fame ........get a grip..u better have a toe nail clipper in your fanny pack when i see u cause ur goin down............

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    all you suffolk *****s some emotional Karl Thomas nigggggggggggasss B!!!!!always catching feelings...all the sarcasm and feminism ......*****s is scared to fight...*****s just like pop online to look like they bout it knowing damn well if you wanted a ***** you would of had em already ((((pause))))

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    like i said....*****s is loud !!!!!!! *****s dont want it !!!!!! as you can notice its a bunch of no-names beefing heavy ???tryna make a name for yaself???lmfaoooo ROTF yo my SONN !!!!!!!!

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    oh you thought i forgot about namix.....oh no no no........ur a little fuckin herb,u get ur hair cut by a black guy so now u think ur gangsta with all that "YO","SON" talk...you got one straight letter in riverhead and one sticker in a bathroom at a cormega concert,your a LOOOOOOOOSSSSEEERRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!oh and i forgot a black book scetch with a forty ounce bottle that you drew....you better retire those jordans and put on a pair of high heels cause when i catch you im gonna have u on the corner with lip gloss and a gucci bag on ....get your shit together.....you run marathons...pleeeaaasseeeee..lucky i wasnt there......if i really wanted to find you i probably could,all i have to do is go up to the nearest bodega and look for the most caucasian person there wearing southpole jeans and a roca wear sweat shirt talkin about how cormega is still the best rapper ever....keep sleepin over damas and gettin pointers from demok loser.......

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    Yankin Knobs Manically... why's your whole crew talk about dick suckin and faggot fuckin? that's all that's on your brain over there or something? YKM is toy. Side bustin everyone elses shit. massive cry for attention. thought about gettin a cheap shitty tattoo but figured, fuck it i'll get my drunk cousin to ink me, he would do a better job. what's the matter? the letter I too hard? WSH WSH WSH. haha oh and TEASE want's his name back. oh you added an R... that's original. whole crew is fuckin played out. gettin down with FBC haha yea you fellas really roll with the best of them... since you talk about suckin dick so much, is that cause you take turns typin when one is suckin the other one off? get the hell out of here with your high school bitch gossip. fuckin 15 year old girls. Your Krew Menstrates...

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    stop with the racial comments...please....now i just feel like taking out what bullshit you *****s got out my way just for that


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