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Thread: Long island

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    Gosta get up to get down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loyal2theGame View Post

    im comin for my spot back
    Bumpski the sel was ragged by some toy cazy or cary or caz or some shit no biggie.

    skore bnyce

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6 soma 3 one View Post
    how come i never see you cats on the lines i was out east n still dont see you *****s really be hitting dead ass spots only place you hobbyist hit is some real bonnie shit that no one will ever see i seen you *****s be over in the h vill hiting dead spots that you aint gonna rock at... give up or go in hard this is what i live for this is what you CATS do when your board always mashing books and nothing else . tools make me sick trying to catch fame by ragging dude that really live fot this bunch of half stepping JEALOUS mother fuckers
    i would just like to point out for those who dont know... this is SCH.
    Last edited by teecee; 12-03-2011 at 12:23 AM.

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    if i didnt know better, and someone told me sch just started painting yesterday... i would believe it.. would you?

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    hahahahaha yet you wanna get like me you fools aint out there you dont know what it feels like to rock a hot spot

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    90% of the kids on LI for the past 15yrs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hemaoner View Post
    Your Gay.
    im a girl mr. homophobic lizard

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    there called lesbians dumb ******

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    haha she said homophobic lizard!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dirt diggler View Post
    thats sel's spot an well make our way back threw! you knoe me
    look again, sel wasnt the first one to have that spot since the last buff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by highway divider shrubery View Post
    90% of the kids on LI for the past 15yrs.
    lets see what you got mister 10% 2 post king of the island

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    Quote Originally Posted by shanksta View Post
    hot sauce

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    smoked a bowl and fucked around a little. fuck it. time to go out and get drunk

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    same style but slightly different, a little more simple...still havent gave the other one any color...im fuckin lazy
    eat a dick

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    i fuck with the connections

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    i dont give a fuck whos spot it was you toys on long island dont know how to rock shit yall niggggas suck

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    doing small ass fill ins its a dead spot go big or go home its not like ur in the street

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    im digging the letters namix.. i would loose some of the add-ons tho.. its too much.. the letters can stand on the own and look dope.. keep it up!



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