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    Well heres another sad fact. Alternatives to oil are known.
    This is some sort of neo imperialistic bullshit. Completely inhumane, this rivals the Belgians in the congo or the Spanish in south and central America, instead of rubber and gold its oil. Displacing and or Killing people for resources is complete barbarism. If we spent all the money we've blown on this war towards alternative types of fuel we wouldn't be in this mess. Its only a matter of time till oil becomes completely obsolete, its bad for the environment, its expensive, and the world's supply is depleting, war or not we're going to have to find a different route eventually. At risk of sounding like some sort of conspiracy theorist I'd like to point out that the Bush family accumulated their wealth from oil, and Dick Cheney was the chairman of halliburton, this is a culture of oil. Dick and Bush, along with their buddies in the oil industry are lining their pockets under the guise of patriotism and morality and a scared ill-informed populous.

    Also, of course people in the middle east are "great, loving, kind, intelligent people." They're human, just like you and me. I'm sure a lot of them are asshole, and some of them are even extremists, just like here in American, or anywhere else. We're all human, religion, technology, and culture removed we all generally act the same way anywhere you look.

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    Hm, interesting, and yeah of course theyre human too, just like us. The problem is in finding another alternative energy source thats as abundant as oil is (used to be). I mean all it is is turning oil into heat/energy/fire whatever the case may be. Obv theres alternatives, but how viable are they? They dont work as well, are too costly at the moment/scientifically not possible right now, or arnt as abundant. Im interested in hearing more about these other fuels/sources.

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    we have the technology for hydrogen cars and other alternatives, but there's still the economy of gasoline so it's not an easy transition to make.

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    war in middle east is just and excuse to raise fuel prices, we have the technology to use hydrogen cars and electric cars and cleaner alternitives but the goverment keeps surporting petrol and oil which are largly owned the rothschilds, rothschilds are the most influencal family in the world the own large amounts of shares in the federal reserve in american and the canadian, australian and brittish equivalants, esstimeated to be worth somthing rediculus like 6 trillian dollars or somthing -.-
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