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    a little kid... j/k i think it was on my skool... dunno mabey this was a few years ago.
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    a wall right off the main street still there and i was the first to get that space to bad i just scribled cablino tho

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    like with paint?
    i used a can before a marker, and it was shitty, i think it was a parking garage, or a water tower thing

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    an electrical box

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    A hidden little spot under a bridge... then the cops drove by

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    some ww2 cannon with spray then it got washed off the next day

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    under a bridge, SO NINJA DUDEEEEeee h34r:

    got up at like 5 AM becuase it's right next to a trail that people walk on... REAL PEOPLE!

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    an emergency exit door.

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    paper...then i did bathroom stalls

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    hmm abandoned house on the outside walls and inside, it isnt dat pussy even though its inside case its wer all the drugos hang out so wen i got some skill i went back and looked at wer i started and its funny to look at

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    a wooden fence on the side of my freinds house
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    The railing on some stairs in an alley.

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    i started on the inside of an abandoned house 2 get used to usin a can then down a alley

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    a pepsi can i found on the ground lol

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    A Back of a slide and then I was so pussy I ran away right after.

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    Bus seat. Yeah, I&#39;m lame.

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    Originally posted by Michael@Dec 19 2005, 08:34 AM
    first actually graffiti piece, not talking about scribbling on the school tables in 5th grade.
    First thing i did is tag a wall in a toilet d:
    a wall inside a toilet? do you mean the inside edge, cause thats just a weird spot...

    i&#39;d say the first thign was probably a peice of paper...but if you mean illegal shit, id go with one of covers of the pay phone, you knwo the two thigns on the sides of them that stick out to make kind of a shelf aroudn it?

    and for painting, a train bridge overlookign the highway was the first thing i painted...
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    the back of a bus

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    i bombed the shit out of a fence i had no fuckin idea of anythin bout graff but i wantted 2 get out there shit i didnt even have a handstyle or wut it meant........later got better and learned the basics and then buiffed my horrible shit just so the streets wud look so horrible

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