Ok, first off im a fuckin toy..and this is the TOOLS AND TIPS section, so dont bitch at me for what is prolly gunna be a *newbie* question for yall people who been doin' this for a long time.

First off, i got a long art background and all that so i know all about art and shading, etc. I just got into graf like 2 weeks ago and i was lookin for some tips on filling in your outline. What is the proper technique so that the paint wont glob, drip, and look like pure shit. How do u get it smooth and even all throughout?

And i kno yall say experiment and shit, and i have been. . . I just need a technique to point me in the right direction. Like, the motion of the spray stroke, prefered cap to use, etc... just some basic info guys to get me started.

thanks if u can help.

and dont be an ass i kno im a toy lol