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    Quote Originally Posted by P4NDA View Post
    It just seems like in this forum in general, if you don't Wildstyle - you're dubbed as a toy. More than 2/3 of the people in the 'advanced' sector are more toy-like than some of the people in the sector marked as 'toy', a lot of the pieces look like something made off of graffitimaker. I've always preferred and appreciated an original style over something that's been done a hundred times before. The pieces submitted, the kind of stuff people say about one another, the talentless marked as advanced while real talent and originality is considered 'toy' really shows what kind of people actually get on here.
    as much as some of the entries in this thread are pretty shit, everything in the other thread is equally shit. your argument holds no water, because every entry in this week's battles was shit. WGONE excepted i suppose. there is no talent and originality to speak of.

    and SAVEME, you draw like a five year old. save yourself.

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    quit your bitching, both of you


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