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  • Mildstyles

    8 21.05%
  • bugs-one

    20 52.63%
  • ChadWarden

    10 26.32%
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    Default Weekly Thowie Battle: BATMAN

    Mildstyles v

    bugs-one v

    ChadWarden v

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    I'm crazy.

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    not so bad art, maybe I am not professional
    "Be successful! I judge men only by the results of their actions."

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    Graffiti is gay, everyone who does it is a massive homo. All graffiti posted by me on this site is in mockery of the lame movement and I laugh in the face of those who think I'm doing it for realsies. I hate you all

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    Apr 2010
    Merica' where we got the Guns and the Glory. Football and Fireworks we got it all
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    I can't see chads picture but the its a hard choice between the other two
    Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not you go out and look for a successful personality an duplicate it.

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    Default Big BOREY one

    Lsd brazzzz BOREY
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