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  • CoolDawg

    23 47.92%
  • Bugs-One

    12 25.00%
  • ChadWarden

    13 27.08%
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    Default Weekly Throw-Up Battle: BRONZE

    CoolDawg ^^^^

    Bugs-One ^^^^

    ChadWarden ^^^^

    Attention: In an effort to increase the amount of battle entries, battles will now be bi-weekly. You mofos sending me late entries got no more excuses! None!

    p.s leave a comment in the next 24 hours as to what word you guys might like to see for the next coming battles and you might just get it!

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    Bugs-One took this one, by a storm imo

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    chad for sure
    Quote Originally Posted by MASTAH_RIBCAGE View Post
    the dude is grindin on that pimp status suburbia grind dog, so yall need to back the fuck off before he pulls out his beretta and gives yall a taste of the duece duece. Think im joking? well im not. dudes got a phone bill, and no allowance dawg. THATS RIGHT, CHU HEARD. NO ALLOWANCE NYUGGAH. between pimpin these beazies in the culdasack, thuggin hard at the BK, and postin up on the webz, dude STILL finds time to go take pics of errything he did the night before.

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    chad all the way, although cooldawgs was cool....dawg.
    and just to throw out a word for battle... bigL
    Regardless of all of my posts, I do not do Graffiti and I also do not condone it, I take pictures of other people's graffiti.

    Quote Originally Posted by PETER View Post
    Kill your self isn't a crit
    Quote Originally Posted by quicksilver_slick View Post
    You got that Down Syndrome meets Parkinsons style homie

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    fuck dope simplicity chad, you better be entering next weeks
    Graffiti is gay, everyone who does it is a massive homo. All graffiti posted by me on this site is in mockery of the lame movement and I laugh in the face of those who think I'm doing it for realsies. I hate you all


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