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Thread: Stencils

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    draw out your design and use an exacto knife or a razor to cut it out.
    use stencil paperrr.
    but if youre lookin for a one-time-use stencil, you can just use computer paper.

    but for the computer paper use like wheatpaste or glue to hold the stencil down. the spraypaint will raise the paper and make it more prone to overspray.

    just use stencil paper..

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    small stencils used to be my best friend but then i got bored with the lack of variety about 3 years ago and now i dont use them.

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    you can print out a black and white picture and cut the black parts witha razor

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheek View Post

    Damn that's nice.

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    Where did you even put that up? In a building?

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    Quote Originally Posted by skets View Post
    Where did you even put that up? In a building?
    Dude, it's a banksy wannabe. It's probably his bedroom. And it doesnt look half legit if you ask me. Stencils can be amazing if you do em right. Stencils shouldn't be used to make up for a lack of ability to paint. that's how most people use em, becasue it seems like an easy way to get into graffiti. I don't like using stencils much. Too much time haha. but sometimes i do them because i like the effect a good stencil has. here's two i've done:

    Name:  430347_359021550789491_1538980013_n.jpg
Views: 152
Size:  95.0 KB

    Name:  540555_436177563073889_1447478148_n.jpg
Views: 122
Size:  124.1 KB

    The ship was actually done by Mose from my crew. The kissing stencil is in my living room. I actually did a MUCH better one later and sold it. fb.com/ColorCartel

    here's banksy's stencil he was copying the concept from:
    Name:  banksy_what_full-769135.jpg
Views: 84
Size:  53.3 KB
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    yeah, making a video camera obviously means hes trying to be banksy


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