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Thread: Need Caps

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    Quote Originally Posted by proNYNJA View Post
    if you live in the middle of nowhere then your fucked and you gotta buy some expensive tips from the internet. But if you live in a town or city with a mildly high tagging and graffing community then find yourself a local graff shop and they are cheap as hell, my local graff shop sells tips for 10cents =O
    whatt your lucky mine sells for 50 cents so its way cheaper online , sometimes they give me free caps tho

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    anybody know of a good graff shop in wisconsin?

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    check ebay bro for sure you'll find something there

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    ioronlak sells good caps, if you talk to them for awhile they may send you a sampler pack

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    has anyone tried the liquitex caps that michaels sells. i have yet to try them, but they look decent.
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    you can also sign up for samples of liquitex ink and or paint on their website.
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