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Thread: Favorite Ink ?

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    alright...i am pretty sure it was not garvey then...it wouldnt come off that easily....i sprayed it once n wiped it n it was literally invisible
    aim : jawnMcCain

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    Well on the bottle it says "Waterproof" super bold. But is thare a way to make it buff proof??
    Dallas City Taggers

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    quite simply, no. nothing in this world can last forever. even buildings can be ripped down if one so desires to, a marking with ink or paint doesn't stand a chance against anyone determined to clean it off.

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    damn, axe really does buff stuff

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    lol yup
    aim : jawnMcCain

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    can you enlighten me as to why it works like a solvent?

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    i have no idea lol...
    i was writin on my metal dresser locker thing one time, n i got bored so i got my axe can and started tagging my dresser thing with it...so i was writin all over, then i notice all of my tags were like dripping off...i was like...wtf....so i spray it at one of my tags directly, and it completely dissappears! i was so confused..
    aim : jawnMcCain

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    works like a solvent because it has to be able to be a liquid inside the can in order to spray out, but it has to be able to evaporate quickly so your body isn't soaked after a spray... which means it's probably uses some form of alcohol as a base (evaporates very quickly)

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    i didnt work soo much for my flowpen ink that had sat there for a good long time. it stained my old fridge pretty well actually. it did a number on the newer HTB there tho.

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    yeah it killed my sharpie tags...killed the flowpen tags...killed the pilot tags...killed the htb tags..but did absolutely nothing to my paint marker tags
    aim : jawnMcCain

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    flowpen ink seems to have gotten a bad rep, but its actually pretty good shit. i'm not sure if there is a difference between regular flowpen ink, and the stuff labelled specifically as 'dirty flowpen ink', but i'll tell you, that dirty flowpen ink is tough shit.

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    hmm...my blue flowpen ink is pretty good..but everything else really didnt work for me
    aim : jawnMcCain

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    my violet flowpen ink, if i remember right, faded to a hot pink after a few weeks, and last time i checked, it was gone completely. and this was on a rooftop gutter kinda thingy so it definately didn't get buffed by anyone.

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    anyone ever hear anything about the other Garvey inks... like i know violet seems to be the preferred color, and black also stains but not as hard as violet... but what about the blue, red, green inks? typically blue and red are pretty hard-staining colors as well so i wonder if blue or red garvey stains hard too.

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    yo, bumsuckfun, i got my garvey today! this shit is fucking insane! it got on my hands, and i tried washin it off, now i have a dark purple bar of soap! it stains so hard! i wrote a little bit on my red locker thing, and axe, goof off, paint thinner, rubbing alcohol, nothing comes off! oh and about the black pilot mix with it...i wrote on my locker thing with a little batch i made (enough for like 5 paint brush strokes) and its great! the black pilot ink sort of goes over it, so when u buff it, only the black pilot comes off, and it leaves u with a deep purple color! im doing my fade test now
    lets hope i get just as good results.
    also, i have no idea about the other garveys...i get mine off www.********.com
    garvey+black pilot is insane dude...ive never had anything like this

    and i havnt even added the breakfluid yet.

    aim : jawnMcCain

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    you sure you need to?

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    awesome, i have lots of black pilot and i ordered my garvey from ******** a while ago, so it should be here soon. i'm gonna fill a mini-wide up with violet garvey, and use it for killing insides of any bathrooms or whatever i come across on the way to montreal next month.

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    i wonder what a mixture of like 1/2 garvey, 1/2 black pliot and 1/2 blue pilot would look like...

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    Doesnt really count as an ink but it goes in a marker and mops so ill say my favorite is etch bath

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    what homemaid ink works best to refill a flowpen.
    Hit a honey from the back and crumpled up her scrunchy. x



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