This is my guide to creating a wall type art that will look like this in the end...

First step is to go to this site...

Once there click the Rasterbate Your Image button-

Next, make sure the upload from your computer button is pushed in- (you can do a link if you want to, but this is easier for some people to just upload a pic)

Click the browse button here and choose the file you will be uploading (has to be under 1 megabyte)

After you have uploaded (which may take a couple minutes depending on how good/shitty your internet is), play around with cropping until you’re happy. Then click the Size button in the top left-

This is the step where you choose how many pieces of paper you’re picture will take up. I chose about 30 because I have a laser printer with a huge amount of ink.

This step is where you choose the printing out settings. I would recommend you leave them the same (although if you want the image to be more clear, change the dot size to 7mm instead of 10 or vice versa). When done click the Rasterbate button.

You will then get a screen where it gives a loading bar. When done just download the pdf it gives you and print.

And thats how you do it

have fun guys