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    hey can anyone write jues i'm really bored of my old style can't think of shit

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    anyone wanna exchange...I throw up ozone..someone let me knowww

  3. #4743


    anyone wants to exchange oneliner throwups ?

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    haha someone hit Aesop for me please, my I think my hits a bit too plain.
    My S always ends up looking like a 5 and my P just looks normal, any tips for those two letters?
    the flows alright though I reckon.. Name:  DSC02526.JPG
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Size:  132.7 KB
    Last edited by Simon; 08-03-2011 at 03:47 AM.

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    anyone wanna write Aobi bored as shit. Oneliners would be sick too

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    simon, that is the wackest shit ever. i hope you weren't getting up with that

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    im down..ill get be off work tomorrow if anyone wanna get on aim or something do some throw ups and one liners tomorrow..?? someone hit me up on aim tomorrow , infectedshroom88 <--s/n

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    any crits on how to improve then?

  9. #4749


    simon- I would sugest your letters get a little closer, i would drop either the crown or the quotations and imo the line/arrow at the bottom is pointless i might draw up a simple one for you in a bit

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    Quote Originally Posted by pookienuts View Post
    and another one for decay... @frase what do you write man?

    pookie, not to give you a big head or overly stroke your ego.... but I am pretty sure I felt it move a little. I am loving your style. Might I inquire as to what you're using? I've been thinking about using some sort of brush. Could I talk you out of a couple Antik One's to use as inspiration?

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    bored...anyone wanna exchange...im bored on AIM...hit me up Infectedshroom88 lets do something with our lives..im chillin smokin some blueeeberryy lets get high and exchange

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    needing some practice. If your up for an exchage let me know.

  13. #4753


    Simon I would drop that whole shit n start fresh chose a name that you feel comfortable flowing wit u feel me kuz not onlii dew u gotta learn tha lettas fer a hand u gotta learn to dew that wit a throwup n tha messly mix of letters you chose are gonna be hard to dew while keepin it structerd.

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    ^ pm me fer exchange ne 1

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    anyone wanna exchange ? hit me up on AIM @ Infectedshroom88 -- OR just PM me.... I throw up Ozone / Tears... anyone ???????

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    for leaf88 Name:  tears.jpg
Views: 245
Size:  196.4 KB any suggestions?

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    oh shit PETER!!! I didnt know you posted !! Thanks man fuck tomorrow after work I'll work on one for you also! what do you throw up? I'm not the best but i can always learn and try !!! i get off around 5 eastern time tomorrow and Ill get on here and do a couple for ya.

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    sik: That is awesome. I will get one up for you shortly. I only have access to the net at work.

    Leaf88: No worries man. Take your time. I am in no rush. Exchanges are a great way to practice, that's why I am here. I hope you like them. Antik One, outlawed art syndicate.
    Last edited by PETER; 08-26-2011 at 08:32 AM.

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    sik: here you go. hope you like'em. Not nearly as good as yours. I'm trying some new stuff. I found these letters and the order really hard for me in my normal style too. I had fun burning up this dry erase marker on paper though. Name:  sik.jpg
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