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CORECTIONS!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

^^^^ buzzers aint set off alarms nooob
dont matter mum probly stole something
its not a magnet detector so it wouldnt matter if its magnet
its electronic signals and shit and they "demagnitize" them
but thats just gay talk for deactivating them so they wont
set off for a certain ammount of time usually about a day
those lil patches that they put on stuff sets off any buzzer
they cost money to have its usless to have something
that cost 75cents on something that is 75cents
you wouldnt make any proffit

Star rating is how much its worth to steal from there
versus getting caught

walmarts easy because they do not have camera angles in about half the isles and there arent many employees checking for theives because they have to help the customer kuz CUSTOMERS NUMBA ONE electronics though is fairly tricky depending on the rush they have cameras and all those cameras ARE REAL but usually u can just go into the blind isles
walmart has everything u need all at a five finger discount
5/5 stars

best buy isnt easy because its an electronics store wich electronics are very valuable they have the top of the line cameras at best buy at ours when u walk in they have a computer with the cameras hooked up that can zoom so far in it can see your peeeepeeee there merchandise is very good but security is strict

idk what the fuck borders is ???Stars

grocery stores are easy.. but what for? 2/5 stars

target is hard because of the so many employees target is much more expensive than walmart because of all there upkeep and security measures they do have alot of cameras but some arent real also they have a stricter security policy (posts before) not really good merch though
3/5 stars

micheals is easyest you can get this is like a noobz store with very good markers ive gone weeks of stealing there buying nothing and they havent stoped me know why? they cant unless they see you conceil the item

sears i dont steal from i dont need a washer and dryer or a tire 1/5 if that

malls are in the middle some stores dont have security but are small other stores are larger but have security and most malls have security guards that can bust ya assss 2.5/5 stars depending on the store

sorry for my long posts
but i have to N00B4L4T3 some people
this is what im good at shoplifting
cool dude.... since " buzzers aint set off alarms"... dude u reworded what i just fuckin said. ur not pro at shoplifting ur a pussy bitch..