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    Default Eggshell material (stickers)

    Hello, i'm searching for blank sheet of that kind "eggshellstickers" uses.

    Where do i find it, and what is it called more than "eggshell"? It's some kind of thin vinyl right?

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    I'm sure the Spanish Montana sells egg shell stickers, check out their site or something.

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    if youre being all technical about it "eggshell" is the brand while the material is called ultra destructive vinyl. think of it like this, all jacuzis are hot tubs but not all hot tubs are jacuzis. all eggshells are ultra destructive vinyl while not all ultra destructive vinyl is branded as eggshell, you dig?

    Also if youre wanting blank stock, youll either have to do it in two things, A ask someone that sells eggshells very very nicely for blank stock, or youll have to order it and to order it youll have to buy a lot of it in bulk becuase the people would be used to selling in companies who ordering bulk as its not going to be worth their time other wise.

    I did google something a while ago and it really wasnt hard to find one of these manufacturers of UDV, but it was rather intimidating and confusing so i just left it, just keep googling man, i stumbled across it from a simple google sure you can too
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    the old uspostal stickers used to be better looking i liked them with just the blue line on the top the ones they got now are like graffiti proof hopefully like someone that works at the office will see this maybe he or her is a graff writer and will see this and bring back the old stickers


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