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    Default Blending Colors (blackbook)

    my partner and i searched, along with couldn' testosterone levels discover a lot in addition to blending fresh paint prudent.

    i will be asking yourself the method that you folks acquire hues for you to blend/fade with each other and so well in your blackbook portions. ive obtained your prisma blender nonetheless it doesn' testosterone levels apparently work.

    obtained any kind of tricks, points?

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    in my blackbook i usually fill the letters with the colors i want to blend (with markers ) and then blend them using pencils of the same color. but maybe there's a better way?

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    So being cheap with crayola right now. I do the same use markers, a slight white spot at the area of blending....just do a couple of marks on a page and get the distance right. then blend with pencils. getting more detailed gets more expensive than crayola like a mid sharpie marker collection, but its always fun to see what you can do with that.

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    If someone could extrapulate on this a little it would be greatly appreciated.


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