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    Default Do you have chrome problems?

    for those of you that dont know the tricks and the wonders of filling in with chrome i'll give you a few tips on how to properly use chrome.

    first off

    Name:  DSCN5396.jpg
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    ^this stuff is fantastic. works with a rusto fat spreads great. the great thing about chrome is that it spreads unlike other colors.
    by spread i mean the overspray from the chrome does half the work for you and it cuts down the fill time like crazy.
    other than rusto chrome my personal favorites are montana black line chrome. and for super fast action the xxl molotow cans put in work.

    now with that being said there's no excuse for a dusty chrome fill. fill it in solid as so.

    Name:  unlined throw.jpg
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    chrome looks best solid for sure. if its dusty it looks like you didnt take your time and or you were scarred idk.

    heres the down fall of chrome and some of you might not know how to get around it. wet chrome eats paint.
    Have you ever tried to outline chrome and the black looked dusty as hell or it wasnt showing up at all?
    well thats cause you have to wait a few seconds for it to dry ya dingus. this particular one i gave it about 30 seconds.

    now for outlining it. my personal favorite to out line chrome is. American Accents double coverage flat black. covers chrome pretty well imo.

    Name:  outlinedthrow.jpeg
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    and thats all it takes. have fun kids.
    Can't F***ing stand it.


    check out my zine page


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    I live hitting trucks and vans with chrome, it's sexy lol
    Snitches and trash talkers, Get stitches and earn walkers :/


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