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    Default ¿home made squeezer nib?

    hello, anyone have some ideas on how to replace the squeezer's nib? thanks
    i mean, not the entire nib, just the cloth part
    i've tried some felt but the ink is too tight to pass trough and it clogs

    im using grog squeezer 25mm with its original ink

    ..thanks in advance <3

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    I had the same problem. I just rolled up a piece of foam, folded it in half and stuffed it in. I just threw away the nib. Or you can by packs of ten quite cheap.

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    pretty sure you can get some replacement universal moop nibs online, just google dauber nibs
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    the reason of this post is for doing myself the tip and to create awareness of creating your own materials, i know where to buy the replacement nib on my city, its just that its too expensive for a round piece of cloth
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    yeah its expensive cos its grog branded while if you get a universal unvbranded one then it isnt
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    Quote Originally Posted by HexxInkworks View Post
    yeah its expensive cos its grog branded while if you get a universal unvbranded one then it isnt
    with all the respect: youre not helping this post, if i wanted to buy i would have named the topic "where to buy original shitbrand nibs that are highly overpriced" (wich i already know) I dont give a shit about brands or wasting money on a simple piece of plastic and cloth. i got this squeezer as a gift because the nib was clogged and the ink was dry. the ink on the container is good tho...

    so.. I need some advice on wich cloth material is best for the nib, because felt is too tight for THIS ink to pass, i've tried felt, cotton from a tshirt, bi-strech cloth, but they dont seem really good, cause the squeezer doesnts flows really good... now im tryng a sock and maybe a towell

    eg: if im using leather or shoe dye alcohol based ink, felt would be the nicest kind of tip, because this inks is really volatile and liquid so its really easy to pass trough the felt.
    but, if im using another kind of ink, like acrylic or paint based ink, these inks are more dense (thick) so its really hard for it to pass trough the cloth, resulting in no continuous line and no drips

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    wait do you still have the original nib? becuase you could clean it out with paint thinners and then put the nib in some new paint thinners to make it more porus and stuff, thats what ive done to my nibs in my cutter. its odd that thats happened to you with the nib and the original ink cos ive had no problems (apart from it leaking) which is ironic cos you seem to have the opposite problem
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