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    why are all these stupid toys with wack ass handstyles putting themselves writing on blackbooks w/ that bullshit on their icons? that shit is wack. every single kid that did it on here so far has a terrible hand. also these toys need to stop buying otrs and fucking montana...U DONT NEED THAT SHIT! BUY DOLLAR PAINT. THATS ALL YOU NEED RIGHT NOW. cool toys who know whats what are cool though..like beos.

    die toys, die
    aim : jawnMcCain

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    word to BRAINE...that corny black and blue shit is that bad..shit is terrible wack, 3d is all over the fucking place, it makes no sense at all. is that supposed to say rzge? what the fuck is that? it should be illegal to self promote while you suck. i think that sketch up there is terrible, its a wack crappy, most likely attempted bite, piece of shit. die and quit. (no ryhme intended)
    aim : jawnMcCain

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    give em hell seon

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    not to be a dick because im a toy too .. but what the fuck are you doing sketching with those markers ? i noe my 3d and letter structure and i STILL dont use shit like that prisma color / coppic etc . shit .. fucking hell bro

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    who cares if u get it for free

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    postwhore where you been man?
    hvent seen you post in awhile.
    winter sucks. im stocking up for garage practice and maybe doin some throws if it ever gets above 30 again.
    The position of the artist is humble. He is essentially a channel ~ Piet Mondrian

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    what do we have here?
    45 cans of random paint. mostly krylon,painters touch,american accents, and rustoleum.
    almost every sharpie ever
    EtchBath kiwi mop
    2 Zig markers
    1 homemade marker
    1 terrecotta marker
    UPS stickers
    Deco Colors
    ink kiwi mop
    almost every sharpie ever

    20 german fats
    20 german outlines
    20 rusto fats
    20 NY thins
    20 NY fats

    QUOTE (gnarlatron3030 @ Mar 5 2006, 03:56 AM)
    you sound like a big idiot face

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    Nice. I've only seen like 10 sharpie colors. No stores round me sell any shrapies besides the normal colors.

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    go to staples or cvs they have bunch of sharpie colors

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    yeah i have recently added 11 cans to that stash... you can get every single colored sharpie from A.C. Moore or Michaels.

    QUOTE (gnarlatron3030 @ Mar 5 2006, 03:56 AM)
    you sound like a big idiot face

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    I only seen the reg colors blue, yellow, red, black, brown, silver, metallic, green and orange at CVS.

    Don't have any Ac moore or any art stores near me which sucks.

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    aww man that does suck... well just like keep looking. i got alot of those form stealing from my teachers. they always have some kind of sharpie lying around.

    QUOTE (gnarlatron3030 @ Mar 5 2006, 03:56 AM)
    you sound like a big idiot face

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    I'll keep that in mind.

    I'd raid my art class but they'res cameras in every class in my school.

    I just searched michaels and AC moore on mapquest and the nearest ones are 7-10 miles from me. <_< I guess it wouldn&#39;t be problem if I had a car though.

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    Nice pics..long load though.

    What&#39;s up with the &#39;free Painters touch&#39; cans?

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    got a new resporator

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    my grandpas niebor left out like 5 cans one night and that was one of them so over the fence i went and grabed them

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    i think it had like 25 percent more free so insted of a 400 its a 600 that way it said free


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