Originally posted by the infamous one@Oct 16 2004, 10:46 AM
ok, i searched and didnt find anything, so dont get mad at this question, here it goes, MY CAN CONTROL SUCKS, i know what your gonna say, practice practice pracitce, and i do, but it always fuckin drips, i try to spray fast and ive got no problems with the fill, but when i do the outline it drips like fuck, please help people, and dont close this pleasee thanks for any help you give
try thins for out lines, i perfer ny thins, but i also use ny fats for my out lines
so i dunno i think its justb u hahah cuz i havent been writing for long and the only reason i would get drips is cuz i use cheapos, u may wan to try the krylons or rustos, or if you have the money use beltons or montanas