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Thread: Photography

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    can you link me the large file? ill try it if you dont mind

    btw i like the 2nd better

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    Quote Originally Posted by zio View Post
    can you link me the large file? ill try it if you dont mind

    btw i like the 2nd better
    Yeah me too.
    Here's the direct link to the picture:
    Let me know how it turns out.

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    the resizing on deviant art screws with the sharpening or w.e.

    best i can do... i should have probably made the mid tones a bit lighter. i like my photos dark though

    Name:  erwgq_by_rl0p32-d4zh8eg.jpg
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    That's almost as homosexual as two men participating in consensual anal sex. Get the fuck out of here.
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    lakim??is that your mom??that explains alot lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by suckmyballs View Post
    lakim??is that your mom??that explains alot lol
    yah yoo im straight G living like 2pac "EVEN THOUGH AS A CRACK FIEEEND MAMA U ALWAYZ WUZ A BLACK QUEEEEN MAMA"


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    been a long as time since i have been on here. 75% of what i have seen is shit. I have the oppurtunity to get a new d700 for $1750. I could sell my d7000 and pay the difference. But i think instead i going to buy a 24-70 f2.8 then start saving for a m9 or m monochrom.

    flicks for talking:


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    I would go for the m9p not m. To me it seems like a sales gimmick. I want an m8 again since I will never be able to afford the m9.

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    Yeah I want to wait until more people have them and post photos from it. The whole bit about not needing to process colors and focusing on better levels seems interesting.

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    im looking into buying the sony nex 7 i need to play with it before i make a purchase i gotta see the veiwfinder.

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    I never really liked the way the nex cameras felt in my hand

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    Holy fuck. Don't post thy many at once. Every single one of those is not interesting at all. Go grab a film camera so you are force to learn the basics and think about what you're shooting.

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    sorrry ill stop now ...

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    take a trip to san fernando for us. should be some crazy shit to shoot on around that area.

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    My friends pictures her dad is famous croatian photographer

    Name:  302417_271843126159833_100000024441061_1155879_6991713_n.jpg
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