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    only reason you spit is cause you suckin to much dick
    no more room to swallow , you jus gargle gargle gargle
    get back in the kitchen and fuckin quit your bitchin
    im tired of your type got an ego over internet hype?
    your rhymes are weak so dont even speak
    ill put you in the ground about 6 feet deep
    im a junior but im schoolin you
    you' more of a senior citizin put your hearin aid in

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    yea so im just high and I'm gonna type to a instrumental cause I dont recognize any names... lol

    damn youtube ads lol
    just play the boys song so he can spit poison, on point like my dick and every clit its poised on im feelin super, man. norfs comin outta the blue bout to crash land and blow smoke in your face sayin how do ya do cause Im feelin off the planet often flicked when im in transit cops mistake me for columbian and Im not a fucken spaniard Means white boys dope just try to understand it. I open legs and bottles you cant cause your a child, its just my lifestyle but you probly shouldnt try it, on some shit they just gave me, sorta like the giants... ayyy

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    ay, let me break it from the top, why you fake it non-stop? its a wonder of the world, annd i wonder why your girl, keeps me under all the pearls, the glitz and the glamour, turn my back from the bitches with table manners, so while you stutter and you stammer, wearing your slacks like your name was MC hammer, i never stray from the flow, i stay on the goal, i bust it out the pocket, like fire to the rocket, mothafuckas cant knock it, rather talk then walk it, go and bring your diss and ill have your hunnies, fronting like they miss, the man behind the mist, watch the camera pan, like do you even exist? damn rhymin is bliss..

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    you say that rhymin is bliss and i agree with you there, but the fire to the rocket man that's when i say beware, yeah maybe you're ok but never say that you're the best, cause there's always someone better so give that wack shit a rest, and maybe you don't stutter but your word choice could be better, and you're not staying on the goal, na you've dug yourself a hole, this is a freestyle dis battle, man half your rap jus doesn't matter

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    eh yo striagght shpliiffted off the indica
    call me common cause i see the bitch in ya
    dont step take a left you aint right
    grabbing and battling on the mic
    my knife skill is tight
    no prb taken your life tonight
    treat you like a veal tenderloin
    make my incisions with precision

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    Bitch please the only time u need to open yo mouth is when u lick my balls
    Lakim? Stop bitin rakim yo disses are so paperthin it could have blow away with the wind

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    Waddup Reger, or should i say Mr. Rogers
    A fruit motherfucker thats held more bats than the Dodgers
    I'm a god, sorta like Thor from the Avengers
    You're just my faggot brother Loki, a damn pretender
    Get blasted back to planet that you came from
    I'll send you a postcard and let you know when my reigns done!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reger View Post
    Bitch please the only time u need to open yo mouth is when u lick my balls
    Lakim? Stop bitin rakim yo disses are so paperthin it could have blow away with the wind
    imon a war path u can't stop the gun blast
    i have the last laugh
    pissin on yah grave
    you can't save ya daughter ya mother ya bitch father
    i catch em in dark corner
    dismembering your next to Kin like a coroner you already know
    it's horror show when we taking your soul
    you gotta go your the sacrifice
    lm taking yah life at the edge of night with the edge of this knife
    no need to fight embrace it
    Its murder spree no God can't contain it
    so face it im raging blazin containing devilish thoughts
    i sold my soul walking on the devils road yah body erodes
    melting u down faster then gold i stole from Moses followers
    mother Mary I swallowed her
    call me leviathan the way im slaughtering
    Breaking bread with the pope
    sucking blood from a virgins throat
    im building in the building of Hades
    taking more lives then the earthquake hati
    raising an army aborted babies infected with rabies
    split u like the red sea with this deadly melody
    that was sent to me
    I'm possessed with an exorcist
    burning effigies effortlessly
    you gwan step to me????

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    Yo lakim you spit the violence
    When it should be silence
    Don't try to sound dope to all the kids here
    Cause out of all of 'em none feel fear
    That clear?

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    Last edited by Z3BRA; 04-17-2017 at 10:54 PM.


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    you *****s suck at this rappin shit
    quick hand me my gat and ill kill this bitch
    i use to drugs till my mind flip
    ready to go off on anyone of your 1 rhyme hits
    so pull out your ego and let it go
    before rappin with me makes you lose your flow

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    stfu yall fake ass lill *****s

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    Ey yo take a look he's called vandal 12, his mom's yellin' at him "FAGGOT GO TO BED"
    "Shut up bitch, Imma go out and tag!" Yeah right son, you're fucking way to scared,
    Everytime you come back you bomb your bed brown, screaming MOMMA I WANNA SLEEP WITH YOU RIGHT NOW!
    Your dick's like a mothafuckin' needle cap, you're a little-ass beagle that I'm gonna stab,
    Have a short ass nap and I'll have fresh chopped meat
    Now shut up fool, hating on topics and shit, you're so low you can't even reach my feet.

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    i dont even wanna rap when i see you online,
    dont wanna have to read your shitty ass rhymes
    you push a quarter , think you king of the streets
    catch 1 or 2 ups , think you a beast
    get out now ***** before you get ya hole head blasted *****

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    phrasal, graff to you is just a phase oh,
    damn junior member, as am I, the only difference is that I am fly.
    Shove a fat cap down your throat and hope you die.
    You know you're a toy, yet you wanna still try.
    Your black books more like a whack book, you heard?
    So stop talking shit when you know you're absurd.

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    your style is wack
    you lack the attack
    cuz you on crack
    smack, that black
    tar in your veins
    so you feel no pains
    but in reality the krillz destroyed your brains

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    I really like leakone's freestyle, hahahaha

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    you dont even wanna spit ,
    cause you suckin that mans dick
    hop off before you get blasted. quick.
    you couldnt rap at me if you had a poets degree

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    Phrasel that was the gayest freestyle someone ever spit
    You talked about gay sex like you got experienced it!
    You're fuckin trash! Only two lines rhymed
    Why am i even spitting your shit aint WORTH my time.


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