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    Quote Originally Posted by parasiticruffian View Post
    you already told me what you be drivin so dont start rappin to me about diamonds
    real hip-hop aint about shine - though you definitely bring the whine - thats credit due
    wake up already and believe it, i believe that it's true, even a fag actresses aint afraid of you
    so think twice before tryn to take me bar hoppin cuz we can go round for round - shots and pounds
    either way you'll end up - face down - so hold that head in shame - oj and charlie? even your name drops are lame
    everything you say is the same on this thread, how much longer will you remain- i'll never drop the beef
    you aint a king but, you've got a crown in your teeth you couldn't plan an instrument that had only one string
    compared to you clawless cats are really really mean
    Mediocre raps in graffiti forums........I post that.

    1.99 whopper from Burger King........I eat that.

    Your bitch.........I fuck that.
    Quote Originally Posted by BigBlueViolence View Post
    Ah, alright homie, I get you.You just mad, right?
    No one like you here, so it gets you all upset and bothered and whatnot?

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    hey kidreny you UMADBRO?

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    Aster One yo he dont even get the thread B
    Your s'posed to spit fire and shake your fuckin dreads G
    So quit yapping, your little sister is a mad HO
    Just PM the kid if your trying to find UMADBRO

    helpful and insulting

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    Hahahaha thats such a lame rime, shits hella outa time, oh and mister.. I dont got a fuckin sister, but if i did, bet she gave you a fatty blister, on your cock, and when you pop it, it gets infected with smallpox, ill post a question here if i please, now bitch you better get on both knees, and beg for forgivness.

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    Hey asserone this one just fo fun I spit more bars than a black berry i have a skill that could kill and won't back down till i'm wearin dat crown i am the real cap king i put it down you mad cuz you gettin clowned. /That was dumb I don't really rhyme cuz I suck

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    Hase one, gone but not forgotten,
    Skipping those weak lines, hop scotchin',
    Dope flow, blow this, no homo, you know this,
    more syllables in my mouth then teeth,
    Rappin in my sleep, no bed sheets,
    Or slippers, instead cleats,
    So i can plant these feets,
    Over obselete streets,
    I mean obselete because im on a new level,
    Scaling buildings, red devil, blue devil,
    Color blind to the black clouds, im back proud, heavy with hands so i clap loud, like wheres waldo i got my stripes right in the background, back down, down now,
    Sign in, sign out now.
    White joe budden, nike flow runnin', did enough dirt, so i can throw mud in.

    Real keystyle, freestyle, sharp with pen, i do some harm with pen, dap your boys, you'll be departing from them when, you test the samaurai tongue, i aint charging them yen.

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    Yo Hase bro, your flow is so cool
    I remember when i learned how to rhyme in school
    Playin hop scotch and rhyming "this" twice
    Let me show why these ni66as say i aint nice
    Like those cleats in the streets ima put you on ya ass
    You aint messin with the devil, first its me you gotta pass
    Youre on a different level, yeah thats definitely true
    And yeah youre where's waldo, cuz I cant see you
    Your levels so low you cant even go back
    And you must be blind, cuz your color blind clouds are still black
    See me I use toys like you for practice
    To sharpen my tounge and sharpen my axes
    And i'll keep cuttin 'em down, call me Paul Bunyan
    Makin pussy ni66as cry. I dont need no onion

    "The cool thing about graffiti is there is no rules." -Scien

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    jerm you rap about pointless bullshit
    id go through you in 1 hit
    the devil aint got shit on me
    it must suck when your moms out whorin herself for free,
    only axes you sharpen are on video games
    your still chillin on your street corner playin hopscotch with your little sister
    you couldnt bomb shit if you were a terrorist
    ill llay your body out like a crucifix

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    Alabama hip hop. You know I'm reppin my state well
    I don't even have to fill 1 page to give phrase an L
    Only been in the game a minute but I've got a dozen apostles
    You aint even good with one hit but I'm quick the combos
    Lay your sister on the hopscotch table. I win as I stomp hoes
    Play doctor with her. Get a rusty knife and cut out her tonsils
    If I had a video game party. You know I wouldn't invite him
    I've got the sharpest axes. But one uppercut and you'll lie in the skyrim
    I'm the final boss like M Bison. Leaving phrase silent
    I like my violence slow. Inject AIDS right inside him.
    You think youre a terrorist. So I'll do you a favor literally.
    Convice you to commit suicide, meet the 72 virgins and finally lose your virginity

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    you couldnt get an l if you were on wheel of fortune
    your raps weak like a newborn
    i shouldnt even bother to write back
    only time i see you is when your comin to buy crack
    i never claimed to be a terrorist but ill make you cower in terror bitch
    il make suicide your best option
    leave on you on a boat gettin ready for auction.

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    Call me the lobotomist the way I'm about to pry into your mental
    Show you how simple it is to use your miniscule rhyme scheme against you:::

    I'll point out your syllable mistake, truly reveal your fortune
    First lines; newborn doesn't rhyme, your entire rap is horseshit
    Your illiteracy apparent in your worthless attempt bust back
    Swing b(u)y, crack your spine with a bat. Show you how I bust backs
    I know you aint a terrorist. You just shell up like a terrapin
    Cower at this kindergartner? I'll just take the high road and embarrass him
    If you're looking to take the win, battling me isn't even an option
    My style's awesome and caustic, violently dishing out more losses

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    this simple minded lobotomy patient ain't shit
    your computer is better suited for tutoring students
    the way you point out syllable mistakes and make
    the same mistake makes me laugh at your stupid avatar face
    and DRUID IS NOT A PLACE or location, OK SON!
    also, you definitely need improvement the only thing caustic about you
    is your bowel movements!!!!!!!!!! MUHFUKKIE! WHAT!?
    Quote Originally Posted by PulseWithLife View Post
    parasiticruffian has got this shit on lock down

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    Yo, cruffian it's me who got the lyrical thrust,
    The rapper you can trust not not give a fuck
    Reppin the jugular cut
    I got you cracked like a nut
    Don't try reply or rebut
    Coz you stuck in a rut
    Waddup slut
    Reverse like a truck
    The only thing ya mouth is good for is to suck
    I live in the hills in my bling pimp hut
    Ya girl's just leaving with a breeze in her but

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    you bitches couldn't rap if you were an elf in santas workshop
    he gave me a gift, to make my words flow into an orgasmic rift
    you rep the jugular cut cause you got your jugular cut
    whos the slut when im fucking your girl in her, butt
    got her never wantin to leave my bling pimp hut
    your intellect is the only thing that reversed like a truck

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    Oh great, a copy paste *****, can't beef himself, so he slices up books off the shelf, puts em together till they resemble something else, then claims respect, claims to know, but his skill is a facade, not a scrap original, i'm puttin you in the hole, a place you don't wanna go, but until you learn, to think for yourself and earn, a rhymin vocabulary with spinning tricks and turns, your moms will keep askin when ya return, damn son where'd you get all them burns!

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    Any1 who take they time to read your rhymes
    is better off blind and i think u will find
    it never really ment a thing when u did ur thing
    the day it do the fat lady sings n' pigs grow wings

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    a bunch of no names on b.s. you will get no fame
    typing rhymes out on a keyboard even your typing reads gay
    don't try to start rapping cause me being a hater wont make you famous
    and the only way you kids will get e-fame is if you make a video of you getting a horse cock in your anus.

    two bars to kill you.
    Quote Originally Posted by Flawless Victory View Post
    People that think everybody should get along are on the wrong fucking planet.
    "Rappers are like graffiti writers, they get mad over EVERYTHING." - Chris Palko
    MDC Familia.

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    Picktons Pigpen? Thats wack bro, just as your face yo, dont never try to defy what lies beneath your eyes when you see my tag, you think "Oh Crap!" "What have i gotten myself into?" "Am i just a little toy waiting to get hit bro?"

    YEAAAH. My first rap :3

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    whatch you talkin bout bro
    I lookin fly, draw in dem ho
    Cuz i got a big pocket,
    and yo cant come pop it
    look out, getch yaself bit

    Like a fly
    sky high,
    you can see my
    tag all over town
    lets go and get down!

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    i shoudl even dignify that wack ass rap with a reply
    was that really you? IF IT WAS, JUST WHY?
    if i rapped that wack i would put a gun to my head
    pull the trigger and blow my brains on my bed
    your like a fly alright cuze your gona die today
    i kill your ass with chopsticks jacki chan tought me this way
    so please, just think before you type
    if you think about it youll know that im right.


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