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    This thread and these forums actually have NOTHING to do with graffiti.

    If you don't understand that...then yes, you should quit. PLEASE.
    Quote Originally Posted by 32+1 Rounds View Post
    yo son takin flicks of the tv is kind of soft still..

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    Lol. Nothing else to say

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    Of shut the fuck up, we wrote for our own reasons, honestly stop reposting pictures unless there worth it, stop talking shit, stop just being idiots in general, oh and I can't keep this to myself, freak your gonna get smashed if you wanna talk like that about people.. This thread makes 705 look like a joke..
    And a good comment, Big ups to mute!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by quicksilver_slick View Post
    Team bg go make a team page, all you do is self promote. fucking gay, you dish shit out , but can't take real critz. 705 is bigger than just sudbury so deal with it. robin banks we going to be having a chat sooner or later .
    Post some of your crews rollers homie! Or better yet post something that isn't belton or montana! If you can do it with cheap then you can't do shit.Self promotion hmm mabe but not WHEN YOURE PRETTY MUCH THE ONLY REAL PAINTERS IN YOUR TOWN..... Just because we don't care about writing stories for some old man doesn't mean we aren't putting in work.
    Quote Originally Posted by NewpyNewps69 View Post
    people judge people off theyre work, not the amount of work. quality not quantity. you wanna be respected, then dont get up, get better.

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    Smash me for saying we're all equals. Seems legit.

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    Lol smash you for talking shit and saying we're shit. Lol I don't even bother to read most of this thread anymore.

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    Bg dam rollers looks amazing
    high off the weed drunk off the cops blood

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    Quote Originally Posted by quicksilver_slick View Post
    Team bg go make a team page, all you do is self promote. fucking gay, you dish shit out , but can't take real critz. 705 is bigger than just sudbury so deal with it. robin banks we going to be having a chat sooner or later .
    Hahaha, it's cool dude, I get it, you crave a cock meat sandwich. No worries bro, when your old toy ass gets burnt you'll get all the cock meet sandwich you ever dreamed of. Till then stay off the bg tip gramps.

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    Lol you don't even know who your talking to honestly just stop talking

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    yea im probably not gonna meet up, not gonna front. im not some toy trying to go over your fliks, i have more respect than that, and if i have a problem with you then id say it face to face not gonna hide behind a paint can and fuck your shit up. im just trying to paint and enjoy the weather, i joined the scene looking for people to paint with

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    Quote Originally Posted by quicksilver_slick View Post
    Sonar tsk tsk, I love the insults .... They make me smile all day long.
    The nob goblin , gobbling them nobs

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    Just moved to Peterborough any cool cats out here or what, don't want to meet up or anything just want to know any shops selling paint.


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    Name:  2012-04-15213545.jpg
Views: 194
Size:  152.8 KBName:  2012-04-20200514.jpg
Views: 198
Size:  72.3 KBName:  2012-05-01135201.jpg
Views: 201
Size:  167.7 KBName:  2012-05-01135211.jpg
Views: 202
Size:  164.5 KBName:  2012-05-04193144.jpg
Views: 201
Size:  83.1 KBName:  2012-05-04193926.jpg
Views: 208
Size:  172.6 KBName:  2012-05-04194853.jpg
Views: 201
Size:  111.5 KBName:  2012-05-04195138.jpg
Views: 202
Size:  171.0 KBName:  2012-05-04204616.jpg
Views: 198
Size:  124.3 KBName:  2012-05-06190244.jpg
Views: 194
Size:  154.2 KBName:  2012-05-07153922.jpg
Views: 203
Size:  150.4 KBName:  2012-05-07154104-Copy.jpg
Views: 196
Size:  144.7 KBName:  2012-05-08174042.jpg
Views: 200
Size:  183.3 KBName:  2012-05-08174429.jpg
Views: 193
Size:  165.7 KBName:  IMAG0999.jpg
Views: 194
Size:  167.0 KB

    Bigger and better things to come, trying to step the game up for summer 2012! Props to BGK!

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    Name:  PICT0003-3.jpg
Views: 197
Size:  110.9 KBName:  PICT0006-3.jpg
Views: 192
Size:  156.6 KBName:  PICT0009.jpg
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Size:  73.3 KBName:  PICT0010-2.jpg
Views: 192
Size:  163.7 KBName:  PICT0010-3.jpg
Views: 194
Size:  189.3 KBName:  PICT0015-1.jpg
Views: 192
Size:  98.4 KBName:  PICT0019-1.jpg
Views: 191
Size:  67.0 KBName:  PICT0019-3.jpg
Views: 192
Size:  75.2 KBName:  PICT0020-3.jpg
Views: 187
Size:  113.5 KBName:  PICT0021.jpg
Views: 190
Size:  92.7 KBName:  PICT0022.jpg
Views: 193
Size:  91.5 KBName:  PICT0026-1.jpg
Views: 186
Size:  195.2 KBName:  PICT0026-2.jpg
Views: 187
Size:  97.6 KBName:  PICT0029-2.jpg
Views: 184
Size:  121.3 KBName:  PICT0031-2.jpg
Views: 187
Size:  175.0 KB
    Few more flicks for all you people arguing. Stop bitching, start bombing!

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    Nice post, keep em commin

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    keep your eyes peeled for that rolling canvas leaving DT today....5 pieces and to many fill ins to count....while you were bitching amongst yourselves i was putting in work! props to stok,mauk,sonar,kicks and abunch of others keep doing you and fuck the HATERS!! thats my rant for the week.....enjoy the long weekend peeps!
    Last edited by KEAZE; 05-20-2012 at 10:45 AM.

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