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    Name:  june 15th 040.jpg
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Size:  184.9 KBName:  june 15th 035.jpg
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Size:  191.1 KB what up , railroad life

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    Shut the fuck up man...Name:  IMG_20120616_103130.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by HeyThere(O.o) View Post
    That flare Waskoe hands ill.
    Thanks, I juss fucked up that lil underline tho

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    Few more flicks to keep this shit rollin! Hope to see some more great stuff this summer guys
    Name:  2012-04-19 08.50.03.jpg
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Size:  179.3 KBName:  2012-06-17 05.58.16 - Copy.jpg
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Size:  179.0 KBName:  2012-06-17 05.12.49 - Copy.jpg
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Size:  178.6 KBName:  2012-05-04 19.56.31.jpg
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Size:  194.4 KBName:  2012-06-17 05.55.03.jpg
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    Waddup BG?
    Name:  6923394174_eb53bed233.jpg
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Size:  131.6 KBName:  7069473869_5d70a88576_z.jpg
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    Stolen, caught in London. Props Mute, shit pops off that auto!
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    Name:  2012-06-17 22.20.52.jpg
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    Just got home, str8 bombin!

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    Nice sonar bite bud haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freaker View Post
    Nice sonar bite bud haha.
    Post pics faggot, time and place pussy all you do is shit talk with no pics and on top of that you're the bigggest bitch in this city..wheres youre "illegal pieces" you always talked about painting... keep checking a graff website even thought you don't write... so shook you stay shittalking on facebook LOL! P.S thats such a fucking generic O and sonar don't need you as a cheerleader cuz im pretty sure he wants you rocked out as bad as i do ahahahaName:  Capture.jpg
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Size:  100.7 KBName:  Capture2.jpg
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Size:  56.1 KBName:  capture3.jpg
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    Last edited by OllyThe1LineOtter; 06-18-2012 at 11:27 AM.
    Quote Originally Posted by NewpyNewps69 View Post
    people judge people off theyre work, not the amount of work. quality not quantity. you wanna be respected, then dont get up, get better.

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    Man you are fucked shut up an let the pics flow

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    Delete the post, all of them

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    Lol...Internet ruined graff.

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    Oh my godddddddddddddd, I say three words and the world just stops for you? If you don't like something I say or do that has no concern with you at all, simply ignore it. Like someone getting pissed on a bus cause two people sitting together are talking.

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    Freeaker listen to Ollythe1lineotter an shut up post pics your fucking Anoying

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    Freak just give up no joke, forget about bombingscience u dont write, let alone post pics so just do us all a favour and fuck off

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    Attention 705
    You guys wonder why people think the 705 scene is a joke, you spend more time pointing fingers at other "toys" when really you're all equally as bad. Reality check: you all need to hit the sketchbook. Your can control is not there, and you all need to improve your overall style and letter structure. Instead of sitting on bombing science waiting for other people to post shit, why not go out and paint so that other people can post YOUR shit. I never post on this forum because personally i'm a 12oz guy, but i had to tell some of you to just shut up. Weak/Wesk/Cans/Freaker i admire your will to be "into" graffiti but you just really need to shut up and work on your shit, I can clearly see you're all new to the game and you simply cannot be calling anyone else bad because that is just irony at it's purest form, quit acting tough behind a computer screen. Maybe if you guys really cared about making a decent scene you'd all work TOGETHER, beef is useless in small towns as it simply destroys a graffiti scene with ego's and kids who think they're king when really there's just no competition. Also, from now on, post a flick with whatever it is you have to say, if you're going to say stupid shit might as well give someone something to look at while you're making them laugh at you

    All caught in Sudbury

    Name:  DSC03972.jpg
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    Name:  DSC03954.jpg
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    Name:  DSC03955.jpg
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