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    The only person in my area I have beef with is this huge toy DUCE, he took a bunch of cans when I broke my ankle and never gave me anything in return, so now I cross everything of his I see.
    905 Racking King. FREE DUCE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nugg life 951 View Post
    Some dudes that go by bets,kezr,and cap went over the first throwie I did like 1year ago.its cool tho causue they get up alot and I respect them.beefs wack we all are writers
    I'm from Riverside too what do you write and what are bro? Don't think I've seen those names around

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    Where cops don't come through and dreams don't come true
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    some guy named Hulk. He crossed some of mine in my spot and I've busted his shit ever since. idk who he is at all but idt it's so much a beef anymore as it is just blastin at eachother in good spots. If I see him up I always know to crush it it just lopoks good for both writters anyway.... it gives you drive

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    what toy talks shit and can't spell? still laughing since I saw this

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    Gangs crossing out my shit?
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    theres no other writers in my area haha
    so theres no beef

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    Same here Lich!

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    We have a toy in our area that literally writes his name on everything. He write relik. It's horrible. But I seen his shit on this spot, and I went over him, with a piece, when all he put up was a hallow throwie. Well, he's now going around trying to cross out my shit. And he some how got the bigger names to be on his side over this. After talking to the old heads, they told him to quit fucking with my shit because I've been in the game way longer. But he still starts issues. He blows up my yard horribly. He drives his car into the yard, turns on his headlights on the cars and paints. Kids an idiot.

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    I've got beef with this chubby fool save. He called me out for buff in his crap, so I threw down my back-sack and told em let's go. He backed down and told me he didn't want beef. He punched my friend in the face for buffing him,and got himself caught in a headlock. A passerby broke it up. I heard he got beat by someone else shortly after. He came into my work racking candy bars,threatening me,trying to rat me out. I just laughed. I buff everything he does I can. He started biting the cross in my boys hand. None the less the beefs on.

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    your momz ass
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    i beat that kids ass a few weeks back for that family dollar tags and the hess tags lol ill give you that thats a plus in my book i kinda didnt like you nethire but thats is whats up saves a bithc ***** and he alway tlks mad shit till some one beats his ass got the illest video of me beating the shit out that fat fagg
    Quote Originally Posted by MASTAH_RIBCAGE View Post
    Idk breh, looks like a burner from inside yo momz azz....

    I heard thats a pretty shitty place to live. All the kids say it stinks. At least their not tight on graffiti, in fact I hear its pretty loose there. the town next to it smells like fish, and the town way north sucks a lot.

    I hear they buff most the walls brown there, and sometimes when youre lucky its green. HOLY FUCK DO YOU GET THESE ARE ASSHOLE JOKES YET?! jesus christ


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