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    i dont handwrite, i fail so hard... i skipped out on all those learnin books an coppied of the backs... anyways... my handstyle can be closely compared to my printin....wait wtf by handwrite do you mean cursive???... cause i fail at cursive but print is a simple tag style... my first...


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    Yeah, my handwriting looks like its written by someone who has had his hand shot. My handstyle is pretty meh (compared to my handwriting, not like its amazing or anything) :shrug:

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    i think that if people say that there handwriting affects there handstlye then they have a pretty shitty hand style. I invested in a calligraphy pen a while ago and it greatly helped my hand style and handwriting, i recommend everyone take some calligraphy as graff is simply advanced calligraphy.

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    my handstyles actually affect my handwriting. always stylizing shit


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