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Thread: Blackbooks

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    Swlost - I agree with jdub but make the part of the A a bit fatter and do something to the end of the V it just kinda dies
    Name:  Vandal.jpg
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    Chronic - It might just be the picture but the date and some of the other letters should be cleaned up IMO but other than that it looks pretty sweet

    Kweezy - Make the 3D closer to the same length and angle. Maybe make the black part a little thinner. Nice piece tho, really clean
    Name:  KWIK.jpeg
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    Here's some of mine
    Name:  Dubz Small.jpeg
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    Yea I know I messed up the D that was just a quick one
    Name:  Bring It On Small.jpeg
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    Name:  Alesana Small.jpg
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    Name:  Mind Small.jpg
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    ^^ you need to work on letter structure and spacing

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    Like more space? And thanks

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    ^^he means space your letters out more so they arent bunched up like that

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    Quote Originally Posted by pez 1794 View Post
    Yea I know I messed up the D that was just a quick one
    thats an understatement

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    Pez i wud suggest working with some keyboard letters cuz u cant go wrong their, but if not then i wud suggest making ur letters flow with each other more.

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    So is this one better or more?
    Name:  Jada Small.jpg
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    first piece/burner I've ever sketched. All I did was throwups and tags before

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

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    PEZ- No, keyboard letters like this..... JADA. Dont make them bubbly and use bars to make your letters.
    JESTER- Look alright. The bottom line inside the "E" is too long and the "R" looks wierd.

    Just an outline.....something new..

    Name:  0419111955.jpg
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    do not know if you would consider this toy but imma post it anyway.
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    pez- you need to go MUCH simpler and like everyone has said, work on structure and spacing,,,, that second flick is much better, still needs work.... oh and btw, ALESANA BLOWS!!!1!one! go listen to some real metal
    jestr- im liking that, only thing i thing needs to be done is the middle bars in the E need to be thickened up
    klove- cant tell if i like it, get some better quality flicks

    thanks sick, that S is is bangin

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    Simple enough?
    Name:  Ezik Small.jpeg
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    And I know I made that about a year ago, I don't even listen to them any more.

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    its a laptop camera, and just because someone likes the piece should not be the way it is judge it should not be judged on favortism more over it should be judged on style and flow and how it is spit onto the paper...just saying

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    exchange piece i did for my buddy soer......
    Name:  Snapshot_20110420_1.jpg
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    Just threw this together tried an effect I saw somewhere can't remember exactly but I liked it think I got it down pretty well for the 1st try. no bars but Idk think its good.
    Pez-no offense but I can't tell what you were writing it looks like abstract art. ANd I'll be honest with you I hate abstract art.
    Clover- looks pretty tight but I agree with tasty I can't see the pic clearly enough to see if I really dig it or not.
    Pez again- EZIK Your I's center bar is too thin the K's leg have the same issue. the E is wider than the Z and the rest. The trick is to give each letter the same amount of room. then build around that.
    Chronickrush-Looks pretty chill wondered what it would look like if the bar on the "e" flowed into the bar on the "A" not neccesarily touching but you know what I mean....hopefully.
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    all i have is the laptop camera for now sorry guys but if you could see them in person you would dig them.....

    im not digging the u and the n and i think the g lower branch should be thicker along with the u less spacing
    Last edited by Phat 2; 04-20-2011 at 06:37 PM.

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    I did this in about 15 min tops. But yeah I feel you I started working with bars and said fuck it about 3 letters in, which is why the N and U are like that. I was focusing more on the outline. I don't quite follow what you mean by the U spacing though.

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    Clover- like the char. cant see the writing
    Pez again- bars are way off
    Dcicfhbimv- looks nice. not a fan of the dots coming off the u and n and the tail of the g looks a bit awkward. maybe thicken it up?

    Anyways, here what is more or less my first piece. crits please and thanks
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    Thanks mippi I was just fooling around And the u is supposed to make a ew sound like NEW THING the one on the n was just for looks and I understand it looks kinda off.


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