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Thread: Blackbooks

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    whole idea was for it to spiral inward it was just a quik 10min sketch to see it on paper

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    Used to hit up the old mindgem forum back in the day most of this is few years old but meh sketch is a sketch.
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    yo dank, im digging your work lately, youre getting closer to the point when you can start playing around with connections/ extensions (etc.). keep it up
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    wow, I'm not even gonna try to give out crits because I'm probably worse at strait letters than all of the people on this page, but it would be nice if someone helped me out anyway.

    This is my second straight letter ever...

    Name:  Photo 224.jpg
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    ay yo erays trust me ik when u start out doing graffiti you want to make the letters different because otherwise may aswell type it increase the font and print it, but letters wont look cool unless you get ur bar width and lengths down and then from there u tweak things a little bit at a time, shit takes time it will prolly be 3-4 months before your style shows through but its like riding a bike, no person hops on a bike for the first time and lands a front flip, because before they do all the flashy stuff, they need to master the basics like not falling off, got it?

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    hey user that shits dope, especially the color schemes and charcs on some of those peices keep it up bro

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    so basically what you're saying is keep doing straight letters and get the letter structure down?

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    Just read this thread and look at the crits people are giving/getting. They're all the same. Get your bar widths down. Keep all your letters the same height and width. Keep them simple until you understand how they work, and eventually you'll be able to add connections and extensions that flow with the piece to give it your own style.

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    after a few other attempts i realized the idea i had, and posted above was not working. so i decided to revive my squid, this time on a paper in which i could color it. crits please i think this may be more intricate thing i've tried so far. gonna wait for crits before i ink it.

    Name:  DSC00171.jpg
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    you've got the basic principles of bar usage down, but there still are some uneven places that need small tweaks. the 3D is fine more or less
    The round part of the P is smaller than it should be, and the H is too wide, get the two vertical bars closer to each other next time.
    also the 3D on the I's dot shouldn't have any angles
    in general, I wanna give you props on the fast progress.
    ink it, and keep it up

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    ^^ agreed nice job mcsatan

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    yeah dude lookin good, diggin that character

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    dope shit anime, amk reppin' <3
    funny shit.

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    Crits. ...SETN

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    ok here it is inked
    Name:  DSC00172.jpg
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    dankbudz - looks good

    Mc Satan - u need to move faster with the marker, cause other wise the marker bleeds and the line looks blotchy

    the top one i did yesterday but the bottom i did about a week ago
    i wanted to try something different from what i have been doing crits please
    Name:  bossk.JPG
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    not quite finished for the battle atm, but am sorta cbf so idk if ill finish it

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    its actually a fine tip pen which is why it bleeds so much, still not quite used to it. here is the finished version getting the pink right is a pain in the ass. i srsly need to get job asap so i can order markers, this water color pencil thing is way to labor intensive,and un precise
    Name:  DSC00173.jpg
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    I don't think that lower case I really works. just looks out of place.

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    exchange piece for "dzert" from canberra
    Fuck i love female artists ♥
    Name:  Photo0053.jpg
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