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Thread: Blackbooks

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    Quote Originally Posted by MN Nice View Post
    New sketch


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    Tasty- the R is dope but it seems a little small compared to the other letters, i dont really like the loop thing at the bottom, maybe use something like that attachment on your A (assuming its an a) on the R and take out the thing below your E and have the R leg attachment some were there, overal it looks cool

    Zookyook- those look clean, bottom blue and green one are my favorites ones

    MN nice- it looks good, the first E's top and bottom gap are bigger then the second E's, the first e looks better though i think. you should give the bottom bar of your 4 a slight bend going out alittle bit from the E.

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    Untitled by senseless slaps(cosmo), on Flickr

    I did the tag in the dark haha I couldn't see it

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    tasty - i dig what youre doing with the bars and stuff, might look dope if your letters were closer together, bring the attention to them so that the negative space doesnt distract at all, just a thought (art school is rubbing off on me...fuck)
    zook - i just creamed over that green drippy throw, its all just filthy in the best way possible, props
    4Eyes - that Y is lookin way better, i agree with kaze tho, bend the bottom of those E's, maybe so they match the Y and the S, or just to give it some added style, keep up the good shit though
    Flick for the talk
    Just fuckin aroundName:  IMG_2494.JPG
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    good shit from this page,
    s is too small i know, trying to nail a clean sketch,

    pen freestylezo

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    definitely diggin those middle two, the top bar of the G in the orange one is kinda iffy imo, dope shit though

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    ^Digging the second one man
    Name:  hydrate_by_ksouthv2-d4zg9sc.jpg
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    It says Hydrate. I know I gotta use bars but for some reason my small ass brain cannot understand them yet :|

    6i90 - Bipo - Bipolar

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    HYDRATE. Draw it like that, not /)?-(/>^}, ok?

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    hydrate, that is beyond being able to say that is illegible, thats not even letters. cpy the letters from your keyboard and play around with em. not too much.
    Name:  Photo0085.jpg
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    Redo that one, but don't cover the middle bar of your N with your left leg so much and use the first e twice. Its pretty fresh

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    redooo! black fill was real hard and took a long ass time. and ended up looking like shit. trial and error i guess. oh and i left out the second e cause i had no room.
    Name:  Photo0092.jpg
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    Posting more toy shit, less toy than yesterday, more than tomorrow.

    Name:  IMG00121-20120511-2034.jpg
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    4EYES- I think that's a nice improvement off your last one. Keep tweaking those letters and it will keep improving.
    SENSE- I like how you used a lowercase N this time to mix things up. Still looks very similar to the rest of your work but it's not bad.
    KROE- Loving it. But please throw some 3D on there. Could look real dope with a vanishing point in the perfect spot. For example:

    But mess around with a few different ones.
    GPERS- Digging those middle two. Keep it up.
    NEER- I'd try using the second E from the white and brown sketch twice. Would look real nice along with that R. I'm not sure if I'm feeling the way you have your first E sectioned off like that.
    POVER- Looking better but your 3D is still off. Keep it all the same width. Try to keep your bars lined up... the hole inside the P doesn't line up with the bottom leg, etc. Also, you should probably drop the unnecessary bump in the round part of the R and the junk at the top of the O. Does nothing but hurt the piece. Overall an improvement though.
    Last edited by Rasm; 05-11-2012 at 02:06 PM.

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    Yeah that shit on my O looks like it has a boner on it's head. Thanks for the crits.

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    And since I have too much time on my hands, another two here.
    Note: The shit inside the V in the first one were to test my markers, and I know I fucked it hard when doing the R on the second one.

    Name:  IMG00123-20120511-2213.jpg
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    Name:  IMG00124-20120511-2241.jpg
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    that top one is dope, the P is wicked fresh

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    Thanks dude, been working on that, I need to clean up a lot.

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    sense looks cool man, looks like u got that pretty much down, maybe try to tweak it abit or add some streaks in ur 3d or something.

    kroe thats so sick, i like the K and R alot, the E is what i least like about it but it still looks dope.10000times better then what i can do so im not one to be saying what is nice and what isnt.

    gpers i like that straight grimey style you have its sick. the bottom 3 are my favorites..which is all of them basicaly lol

    6i9o- start with keyboard letters. like we all have to do

    neer- The R in the first one is sick, i like the first E and the E u got in the second pic but try to make it match the R abit more but overal it looks dope

    pover- the P in the first picture is dope like kroe said. maybe try to make your R match it more, like at the top have the bar swing up and over the main bar like in your P, thenhave the leg extention come out from that and try to have it come down lower then wat its at. the V is interesting just maybe make the line at the bottom of it shorter and have the gap inbetween the two bars bigger. with your E dont have it swing on such a sharp angle, try to make it match the P and R..overal though nice work man, keep it up

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    Thanks kaze, I'm kinda starting to get this name.

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    dug up the old books and found these old gems i did for shits n gigs
    Amber and Indigo
    Name:  IMG_3026.JPG
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    Name:  IMG_3035.JPG
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