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  • Drakula

    45 23.32%
  • The Kid

    28 14.51%
  • Kid Bazer

    43 22.28%
  • South Pole

    7 3.63%
  • B.S. Police

    38 19.69%
  • I (the user) am retarded and wish to waste my vote.

    7 3.63%
  • liqud swords

    25 12.95%
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    south poles is decent
    idk why he has no votes
    also @ the kid, i think there are a lot of people who jump straight into wildstyle and never develop a sense for what looks good or interesting just with simple letters regarding movement and layout
    and i might argue that, just as with many other art forms, kids should probably learn the rules first, and then when to break them
    if you make an A and you don't want to make the gap in the middle-top line up to be technically "correct", and you want to flip the triangle or something, no problem, but it helps to know where bars and shit are supposed to line up esp for holes in letters and shit
    i guess what i'm trying to say is i think that one can draw the line between aimless and ignorant letter-making and original "rule breaking" stuff
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