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    Quote Originally Posted by (SoS)Viruz View Post
    Oh word I just sayin I've seen better from you thats all...POST' THEM FLICKS BOI

    4menace2society0- I like how clean your sketches are the structure is their also....But try new things....I'd like to see how far you take that style
    ya my problem is inconsistancy, if i sketch for like 3 days straight you can see the difference from when i take like a week or 2 off, a big difference, im just not really too worried bout my graff at the mo, trying to focus on art as a whole to get good enough to tattoo

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    really been tryna develop my shit over the last few days

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    "Yo there is no escape!No recourse when I resort to forces of sorts reserved for bloodsports"
    Quote Originally Posted by 408Bomber View Post
    stuck is my hero.

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    mesir- i think that one has just a lil too much goin on, lookin better every sketch though
    boxes- keep at it homes
    4menace2society0- dont like the extension from the bottom of s to a but everything else is dope, really like the rose into the handy thing, fresh shit bro

    aiight heres the flicks, like i said they all unfinished raw shit but just showin a lil shit thats developin. imma start off with an older flick to show yall what that 3d looks like a lil better then its just random styles

    like i said i been paintin more so i been drawin shit that i can paint. i know pretty much all the lines are wonky, i really need to work on takin my time. hit it wit sum crits yall peace
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    some of those im feeling especially that Single E...i think its the fifth post from the top try to work that style out man
    so insomnias a bitch and i decided to actually colour a sketch in for once

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    That shit is dope Mesir

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    try to develop more and try not to develop shit..like that m.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dirty Doug View Post
    haha cool u man u win, i give up
    Quote Originally Posted by IbuprofenTablets View Post
    Plankton's the most successful troll in this section of the forum atm.
    Quote Originally Posted by Phat 2 View Post
    and to make it interesting and entertaining, whoever loses removes everything in his signature and puts the line "I am (winner's name)'s bitch" in bold capital letters instead. and never takes it off, or else gets banned. deal, fag?
    Quote Originally Posted by Shroomsh View Post
    i actually love plankton, fucking legend he is

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    sex without condums - cool shit,those letters never get old

    seywhat - your developing a nice structure and with flow keep it up

    bait - good shit as always

    4menace - that looks dope,i can see the rose is inspired by tattoing

    stuck - good shit money,especially the painted stuff,good shit on the hoe too!

    i like how i mispellled" another" haha i just noticed now,hungover class sessions

    btw im just starting to get into drawing characters by freestyle,im curious how you guys come up with new ideas and learn to draw the bodys of the characters my bodys come out childish and stick figured

    oh and i discoverd a few weeks ago live is evil backwards...and devil is lived ...crazy shit right??
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    if you wana get goot at characters you should grab a book from the library on the human anatomy and look through those pictures and just sketch those....this will help you get realistic body forms down.... then you can understand how the body works and simplefy everything down to your own style... and while some artist do come up with their own characters alot of people use well known characters such as Marvel and whatnot

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    Name:  Snapshot_20110331.JPG
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2ndsexwithoutcondoms View Post
    i ne v er pai nt

    You should paint more man!
    only thing i have to say is maybe space your o and x out a little bit more,first glance i thought it was a k.

    Name:  IMG0009.jpg
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    old shitty sketches.i need to draw more.
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    i hate the R, and the fact that the weather went from moonlit night at 5 degrees to cloudy, windy and snowy within an hour. Plus i only had elmers caps to use
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    Color scheme is shit.
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    TOFE AND MESIR, my two new Favorites in this thread... besides my MGbrother Bait hahaha

    old flik but might as well post one for talkin

    i'd like crits but i'll probably upload a more recent one soon

    also i'm getting a free wall this weekend, any tips for first time doing a full piece/burner? I've only had the privilege of spitting throws and tags out
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    theres a film called the future of graffiti by eaz one....theres on section where he talks about painting and facing the nozzel certian ways to get a clean line.... that'll prolly help you.... and i duno if its ur first wall and uv never done straights or anything its prolly not gona come out to great....o yeah when your putting paint to the wall paint the same way you would sketch...the wall is just a big peice of paper....some cats seem to be able to draw on paper but wen they hit a wall its like they forget everything....hope some of this helps and good luck....by the way the S in that sketch is bad i would loose that weird extension in the middle making it look like an E
    "Yo there is no escape!No recourse when I resort to forces of sorts reserved for bloodsports"
    Quote Originally Posted by 408Bomber View Post
    stuck is my hero.

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    Aight, well i've been painting illeagel for 2 years now, so i have my basic can control down, and i'm used to painting with the fills outlines and highlights and cutoffs and all that shit...

    but a burner piece where i have all the time in the world to perfect it... It feels almost intimidating haha

    here is a new flik stuk, i've been fucking with my S more than any other letter

    FUCK my 3d

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    ^really feeling it man!!

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    a bit gay but whatever.the extension outta the s..get rid of it.


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