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    Default "Laced Clothing" Handstyle contest! PRIZES! :D Vote now!!

    Laced Clothing Handstyle Contest

    1st place - Enygm
    2nd place is a tie between whocares!?!?! and E1 5P4R3! I'll give you both the second place prize of six shirts or $20.

    Winners - send me a PM with your shipping address/which you want.

    Thanks to all the participants and congrats to the winners!


    Design a handstyle for Laced Clothing, an up-and-coming clothing label. Get voted to the top three and win prizes! Prizes are:

    • First place wins ten of the printed shirts OR 30$!
    • Second place wins 20$ OR six of the winning design!
    • Third place wins 10$ OR three of the winning design!

    1. Deadline is next Tuesday, April 14th. Voting will start on Wednesday, and the winners will be announced Saturday.
    2. One submission only! Pick out your best! PM them to me, I'll stick them up on the thread as they come in.
    3. Handstyles only! There will be future contests for tags!
    4. Maximum size is 15" wide by 18" tall. Feel free to use as much or as little of the space as you want.
    5. Four colors maximum. I don't think you should need more than one for a handstyle, but again, your preference.
    6. Must say "Laced Clothing" or "Laced" somewhere. It doesn't necessarily have to be the emphasis. Feel free to get as creative as you want with your own slogans, designs, etc.
    7. Going to be printed on a white shirt, so pick a color with some contrast!

    1 Love

    Slushi - 2 votes




    gcrolla - 1 vote







    erekone - 2 votes


    whocares!?!?! - 3 votes


    Maser Oner


    Enygm - 4 votes


    MOLOKone - 1 vote





    E1 5P4R3 - 3 votes

    Last edited by EJ.exe; 04-18-2009 at 01:57 AM.

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    how bout some actual fucking money

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    word ^^^^^

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    How about just being thankful that you would get anything?

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    ^ exactly. who gives a fuck, a prize is a prize, you cant complain

    edit: so only the first place entry gets their handstyle on a tshirt?

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    cash rules everything around me, this niguh think well do everything for free?
    seriously guy this is a resesion to do shit for your company how about a legal aggreement? im pretty sure the winner should get a certain % of each shirt sold .fuck you


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    i'm gonna copyright my image, submit it, win, sue your company for royalties, and bankrupt your whole shit before you even jump off!
    who would wear a get laced shirt anyway
    where i'm from that means get killed
    judgin from the pics you posted in the toy forum you're 13 years old anyway
    don't enter this, you're not gonna get no prize
    Last edited by whocares!?!?!; 04-07-2009 at 07:19 PM.

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    I can send you a money order if you really want cash.. it's not that big of a deal.

    If I make a bunch of money for my clothing label, of course I'm gonna throw the artists a bone. I can't give a percent, all the money goes right back into the project as of now. I'm no artist, I'm a graphic designer and an entrepreneur. I practice drawing, but nothing I draw is shirt worthy, yet.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fusion View Post
    How about just being thankful that you would get anything?
    for real man, people do battles all day for nothing but pride. This is the ultimate way of "getting up". If being an artist is what you want to do, this would be good on a resume/portfolio.

    I'm a real person, I'm 18, and I'm ambitious as shit. I'm not some kid that's going to rip you off for a drawing..

    Quote Originally Posted by klic View Post
    ^ exactly. who gives a fuck, a prize is a prize, you cant complain

    edit: so only the first place entry gets their handstyle on a tshirt?
    Yeah, only because it cost 20$ to set up a screen for printing, and then there's a charge to print per shirt, and then the charge for the actual shirts. Bulk is much cheaper, so I'd rather do one big run than three small ones. And I figured the runners up aren't going to want to wear the winning design lol. Correct me if I'm wrong.
    Last edited by EJ.exe; 04-07-2009 at 10:50 PM.

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    i may do this....
    The real war on terror is the war on globalism


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    No spray paint unless you're 18 hahahahahahahahahahahaha

    But seriously what the fuck
    Quote Originally Posted by the cannabis evangelist View Post
    cum to my trailer park an call juggalos gay,
    every motherfucker whos down with the clown will stomp ur ass

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    Can you guarantee that if I win, you send the product?

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    Quote Originally Posted by REASonONE View Post
    Can you guarantee that if I win, you send the product?
    There's no way I can prove it until it happens. I can give my word, but I'm a stranger, it doesn't mean shit. What do you have to lose? For real, everyone is thinking about this wayy too much.

    Why would I publicly sabotage my own company by scamming people out of prizes? Get real. If the prizes were unreasonable, I could see skepticism. But I am an UP-AND-COMING label, I can't afford big prizes. I can't guarantee a percentage of sales, I use money when I need it.

    There's no way I can prove it, and there is no way you'll ever know unless you draw something up, so that's on you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr yarbles View Post
    No spray paint unless you're 18 hahahahahahahahahahahaha

    But seriously what the fuck
    Just trying to cover my ass, I don't want to get in some legal trouble for that shit, ya know?
    Last edited by EJ.exe; 04-08-2009 at 01:30 AM.

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    If you're all so scared of this guy being some scammer spook, just do this. Sketch your shit out, take a picture. Then take a print of it or the original and put it in an envelop. The postmark on a sealed envelope is legally valid proof that you whatever in the envelope was put there at the date stamped. So, if he does rip you off the sealed envelope is your proof in court.

    Jesus christ though, it's a shame to see all these good handstyles go to waste cause everyone got scared for no reason.

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    ok how about this.. if you dont like the idea, then dont submit anything? hes just trying to help his company out and if you enter something then your helping it out too. if you think its all a big scam then dont enter anything. simple as that.
    s i x o h s e v e n .

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    If you were in graffiti for the right reasons you wouldn't even care about the money. How long is it gonna take you to do one handstyle anyway like fuck...
    To each his own but either way shut the fuck up.
    All of my postings on this website are for educational purposes only. I do NOT condone vandalism in any way, shape or form.

    Quote Originally Posted by anti-anti-crime View Post
    id give em a good hard kick to the calf. punch, kick again. keep kicking until he can barely walk
    and then take em to the ground, putting him into an ankle lock and eventually putting enough pressure onto his foot to break his toes and ankle. and then give him a swift toe kick in the calf and lower ribs for good measure.

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    why not just send in a low quality image with a watermark? no one is going to waste money on that. The kids giving an opportunity, even if it isn't going to go anywhere, you are wasting more time flaming than it would take just to do a handstyle.

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    fuck this prize and ur doot hand
    I do not condone vandalism or graffiti, I do not take part in it nor do I know anyone who does.516 writers, HIT ME UP
    Which came first the slut or the clap?
    Quote Originally Posted by BRAINE View Post
    fuck dolphins.
    every time a dolphin is killed, an angel gets its wings
    Quote Originally Posted by PeeInTheShower View Post
    all hail tha white rabbit.
    Quote Originally Posted by Backalley Abortion Doctor View Post
    Good thing no one on this website does graffiti.

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    Quote Originally Posted by m+s View Post
    yup because im in graffitti to get efame an make lotsa efriends.:sarcasm:

    yea go ahead and do his job for him. this forum is taking a turn for the worse.
    don't bother coming at me with hostility blacklist i could care less about your weak ass ethuggery
    dude, what are you even talking about? I got lost with your first post, for real.

    don't you have to own something first to get scammed?

    Like I said, I can't set up a percentage of sales, I don't have a bookkeeper and I don't have enough sales yet for it to work out that way. If you win, the artwork is still owned by you. Laced clothing will have reproduction rights [if you sign them over], and I'll be more than happy to send you more shirts for the price I paid.

    m+s - you know, I could design a shirt for you, but I don't think you'll make any money. First, you have to come up with capital, which is $300+ just for a semi bulk order. You have to pay to set up a screen, which is around 20$. Then you have to pay for shirts, which are around 2$ apiece for LOW QUALITY shirts. Then you have to pay for printing, which is around $1.50 per shirt. Then you have to take care of the artist with a prize, to prove that you weren't full of shit when you offered it. Oh, and then you have to actually SELL the shirts, which isn't nearly as easy as it seems. Half of the money from my first printed shirts went into paying people to promote them, and the other half is going into printing this handstyle when the contest is over. The only way I can create more contests is to have good faith with this one.

    If this was a wildstyle battle, I'd understand, because it's more complex. I started my track record with an EASY design, so people wouldn't trip as much.

    Please, if you're gonna trip on me, wait until I've done something to deserve it [it won't happen].
    Last edited by EJ.exe; 04-08-2009 at 03:36 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tha wite rabbit View Post
    fuck this prize and ur doot hand
    what? doot?

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    Changed the contest to have money orders instead of stuff from PureG.net.


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